Poll: Male nudity in homes is preferable
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Sissy School I
We slept in dormitories. Barefoot naked. Two Sissies together.
 Madchenmacher Academy has students of all nationalities.

 One of my favorite bedmates was a bi-racial beauty from the Middle East.
 Ancient Arab apothegm: "Women are for Progeny; Sissies are for Pleasure".

 Tall thick local girls in miniskirts & heel sandals did our Morning T&Ts.
 Which included terrific Morning Spankings after poops.

 We wore v short halter dresses, pink 5" strappies w/detachable toe straps. Never bras or panties.
 Men knelt and detached the straps. Avidly sucked our cute chubby toes, licked our Anal Crevices. 
 Desperately hoping for sexual favors. Some got lucky.

 We loved being Sissies.

What an academy. Who wouldn’t want to be a sissy if that was the regime? Wink
A terrific academy for all.
(02-23-2021, 05:37 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: What an academy. Who wouldn’t want to be a sissy if that was the regime? Wink
 Heh. Heh heh. But seriously, there are pluses & minuses.

 Sandra and I dated for 3 years. Until she graduated HS.
 Many weekend dates at her home.

 Friday evening, my sister drove me there.
 I wore a skimpy frock & pink 5" Peep Toe heels (which I loathe).

 Her Mother removed them at the door, swept me in muscular arms with deep delicious kisses.
 I bent hands-knees, farted lugubriously. Sandra inserted her long thick middle finger fully inside.

 She Marched me upstairs w/Mother for the inevitable Enema.

  Sandra from behind

¬† ¬† ¬†    
Okay - so that’s the pluses out of the way?  Wink

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