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Profession suitable for siisies
(02-26-2021, 01:47 PM)Ali Wrote: I work in an insurance office. Not very glamorous, or archetypically sissyish, but I am allowed to wear women’s clothes, as long as they’re sensible.

Not sure I’d get away with bulky nappies or flouncy petticoats!
It might not sound like a traditional sissy environment but if sissies are to really go mainstream, these are the sorts of office environment where prevalence will make itself known.
I count myself quite lucky to work in an accepting environment. Not everywhere I’ve worked has been nearly so tolerant.

I’ve been there five years now, so I’m not the most junior person there, but I am one of a dozen people just doing the general admin and claims handling.

I feel lucky to be able to dress how I please, so in return I don’t take advantage by wearing anything too outrageous. Typically I’ll wear what any woman my age would wear - a smart skirt, blouse or jumper, plain tights, smart shoes.

I work hard, so I get on well with my co-workers. One or two of them tease me a bit, but I don’t mind that.
Good information Ali, thanks.

I like the smart items you wear. It means that you blend in with them while still dressing as you like.

The little bit of teasing you get is probably in jest because you know them well and doesn’t I hope cross a line. You can tease them back, keeping it friendly.
A bit of banter in the work environment is often part and parcel of the working experience and is a big part of what makes their job enjoyable in a lot of cases. As long as it is taken in the right spirit it is usually pretty harmless. 

I am glad you find yourself so fortunate, Ali as the ability to go to work attired in a way that makes you comfortable and to be accepted for it does indeed make a big difference.

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