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A rude awakening
(02-21-2021, 01:29 AM)Ali Wrote: Hiya sissylax, that’s a lovely description of the humiliation of being a sissy.  

For me I had no choice about going through it, as I was punished as a child by being made to wear firstly my little sister’s clothes, and later my own girls’ and even baby clothes. The utter shame of having to step into a pair of knickers held out by my mother, and having a dress slipped over my head and zipped up has never left me.

Nowadays I enjoy wearing female clothes, but it’s the humiliation I still remember and, yes, crave.

Hi Ali. Yes quite lovely the craving humiliation paradox is. Even more so that one only appreciates it later in life. It's more than humiliation too, the feeling of helplessness and weakness, the feeling of doom setting in as your masculinity is stripped by amused female relatives is a beautiful element of it too. Realising the full force of your mother's authority of perhaps having to obey a younger sister you consider beneath you will certainly be a scary experience at first.
The purges . The self righteous little voice that commands you to man up and stop having emotions . Real men are not sissies . So thousands of pounds and even more hours of angst and guilt about panties and other ladies unmentionables are destroyed .
Then the real feeling you returns and the mourning for what you have destroyed kicks in . If only . Some of us plan ahead and put things in storage or have trusted ones who will keep things for us . Even things we have tried to get rid off since child hood . Like that God awful pink bunny my aunt refuses to throw out and has rescued it from the bin many times . But you look so cute cuddling it while sucking your thumb . She says .
So you're not the only one .
The thing is a happy balance and an insurance policy of having somewhere to stash your girly gear until that horrible little voice goes away .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel

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