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The Night of the Party
The question is, do you know what you did wrong?  Wink 

At least you have a nice clean mouth now.
5. Service

I was back in my maid uniform performing the usual service for mother’s friends. Andrea’s mom was resting her legs on my back while I was giving mother’s other friend a food massage.

“So, this is what you usually do.” Andrea said.

“Yes, well, we usually do more comments on the sissy. What you’ve done tonight is a bit beyond what we normally do, even on exceptional nights.” the woman who I was giving a foot rub explained. “This was…exceptional. You seem to have a real talent for handling sissies.”

“Well, thanks. Just caught some ideas here and there, so I tried them. Worked out a bit better than I expected.” Andrea said, blushing.

“Attention back to the task sissy.” woman I was giving the foot rub to pointed out, as I was looking at Andrea.

“I have to say, I’m proud.” Andrea’s mom said “That was quite a performance. I enjoyed seeing you grow up strong.”


“I mean it, you’re going to do fine.”


After I was done I switched to providing foot support to mother’s other friend and massaging the feet of Andrea’s mom.

“So, Sissy, are you going to accept getting fucked by my daughter in the ass and not cause any problems for her?”

“Yes ma’am, that is my intention.”

Andrea laughed. “It better be, hehe. Anyway, it’s getting late, and you said we were going to spend the night here, where will I sleep?”

“Oh, you’re going to get the sissy’s room and bed. Sissy will sleep in the naughty cage, tied and blindfolded, so that you can have all the privacy you want. I can provide earplugs and gag if you want.” mother said.

“Ah, no, no earplugs needed. I still have a thing or two to say to the sissy that I want heard. I’ll think over the gag offer.” Andrea said.

Amazed tones came as a reaction. This is going to be a long night.
I think there might be some excitement in store (for Andrea, anyway).  Wink Still, it will be one more sissy experience that won’t be new to him when it happens again later.  Big Grin

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