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New to putting sissy in chastity
I have finally succumbed to the intrigue and awesome power of putting my sissy in chastity.  While i have had full control of him I resisted this aspect of control  mostly out of fear that the power might go to my head...  I have found that I was right it is a very heady feeling to lock his pretty princess up and wear that key on my neck..  The saving grace for him is that i find it very sexy  and have been prone to letting him out to play!  He has gone only 4 complete days in a row so far.  I have no intention of long term chastity but who knows.  I do know that there is an increased level of submission and overall subjugation to my will when he is wearing..  He does not even realize it but i can sense it..  i am thinking will mostly use for short term absences like if i go out for a girls night.......  or a girls weekend........  or if he is meeting up with some buddies or workmates...........  IF we ever get back to that life...  He is not liking it at all..  i was very pleased when after a bit of a disagreement he presented himself already under lock and key and said he was sorry and realized he was wrong.....  I LOVED it..  Not sure where this will go but it is a fun new option to explore....
There are plenty have trodden this path before and it is a subject raised regularly so do let us know how things progress as I am sure there will be a great deal of interest. If this his first experience of chastity then by all accounts four days is already a notable achievement and something to be built on.
Sissies will whine and have a fit over chastity but eventually will put their energy toward more productive things. You can use it as a very motivational tool to control them for sure.

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