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How should Millicent be disciplined?
Seems to me that Miss Julie could do with a dose of what she gave you. I'm glad to hear that Mistress took your side, she sounds like a wonderful woman. Hope your bottom isn't too sore, all us girls are on your side x
Wouldn’t that be a turnabout in fortunes. Mistress Denise disciplining Miss Julie.  Big Grin
Consent and trust should absolutely underpin any relationship of the type we typically discuss on this forum. It sounds as though it was grossly breached in this instance, and with physical harm too. It’s good to know that your Mistress agrees with you on this point, but it would make me very wary of any future solo interaction with the perpetrator.
To use a figure of speech, you could cut the atmosphere here with a knife.  Miss Julie has completely ignored me since she and Mistress Denise had words, in fact they don't seem to be talking to each other that much.  I am just going about my duties like a good obedient girlie and Mistress has been kind to me since she discovered what happened.  My poor bottom still stings a bit and the cane marks are still there but its not too bad a week after my caning.

I did smile at the suggestion that Mistress Denise might decide to cane Miss Julie
Keep your head down Millicent, seems like you're in the middle of a powder keg at the moment. Mistress Denise appears to be in complete control of the situation, you're lucky to have such a wonderful Mistress, I'm sure you will be fine as long as you follow her directions.
I'd never say such a thing out loud but it seems clear that Miss Julie has over reached herself, caning your poor bottom for no good reason is completely unacceptable, you're not alone in having a discreet smile at the thought of her receiving the same treatment from Mistress Denise. A sissy can dream can't she? Smile xx
At least this probably gives you some sense of what you might expect going forward. Mistress Denise has clearly determined a strategy and isn’t keen on others imposing their own methods on the equation.  In a way you should perhaps be flattered that she cares so much.  Wink

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