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Lack of routine
My biggest behaviour problem is being very unstructured and disorganised. I'm great at organising complex stuff like work, but I stumble a lot with the simple day-to-day stuff, like going to bed at a responsible time, when to do my shopping, keeping the place tidy and clean. And it's not like I'm an irresponsible slouch or anything. I usually start off on the right foot and with the best intentions, but when it comes to keeping it up...  Confused

That's something I'd really want to change because it's annoying and time consuming, not to mention a bit immature. It's not like the place is filthy and disorganised or anything, bills get paid and such. Like I said, I'm not irresponsible and I don't like chaos. But there's absolutely no system to it, which means I can spend way too much time cleaning the bathroom thoroughly when I notice it's getting dirty, while maybe doing a bit more regular upkeep would make that job so much easier and quicker. I waste money on groceries because I don't plan ahead. That type of thing. I've always been bad at it, I've gotten somewhat better over time but it's always a struggle.
It sounds almost as though there is a bit of OCD mixed in there?

I don’t know what to suggest other than to be more disciplined and assign yourself time slots for different activities (the dirt - if there is any - will still be there at the next time allocation).
No OCD, ADHD if anything.
It's like the point where something becomes a routine to normal people just doesn't come if that makes sense. The moment I stop actively focusing on it there's no auto-pilot or internal clock taking over or something like that. I have it in other areas too but this is the most annoying part I'd most like to get rid off.

It's an asset sometimes. It also feeds a lot of creativity, wild ideas, philosophic thoughts and so on. But yeah, the vacuuming needs done too!
I understand where you're coming from, I'm pretty much the same way. It's frustrating because when I focus and take care of things like chores I do get some satisfaction from completing them. It's one of the perils of living alone, no one sets the standards but me and I can set the bar quite low. One of the dommes I used to visit would insist on me sending pictures of my bathroom, kitchen and any ironing to prove I was keeping up with my chores and I found that fantastically motivating. Find yourself a stern older woman with a large collection of canes and belts is the best advice I can give and if she happens to have a friend please let me know Smile
Aha, the strict girlfriend solution.. that always works.
Or hire a sissy maid Wink

My problem isn't so much the motivation, but more the organisation. What to do, when, how. It becomes more work because I don't plan it well. I could use some old fashioned housekeeping classes.

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