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Boyish sissy outfits
(04-11-2021, 03:02 PM)Tiffany Wrote: Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but the thread is about boyish sissy outfits  /  Boyish sissy outfits

Somebody is terribly excited about his new clothes !
Taking little lord fauntleroy to the next level !

And I really like the back buttoned blouse - no escape for the sissy !
Tiffany, this is the right place for that caption. It’s a wonderful outfit. Sissies just love satin. That’ll will be fun for Andy fitting poor Tony with his chastity.
A great post, Tiffany - in fact you might just have found the epitome of boyish sissy outfits - anyone able to top it?  Wink
That is a great picture and a wonderful story! Isn't it interesting that sometimes what we say we want isn't what we really want?

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