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Panties and plastic panties
What's a sissymaid to do when she is awoken by the straining in her nub chastity device. I know, write a story. Creativity comes from restrictions.

My girlfriend Dawn invited me over for a nice home-cooked supper. After we cleaned up, she asked if I would be interested in some sexy time with her. Of course I said yes. She explained to me that she wanted to avoid getting pregnant and would it be ok with me if we didn't have intercourse, that we could still have lots of sexy fun. I said sure, intercourse was not necessary for me to have a good sexy time. She asked if I would be comfortable going down on her. I said that I would love to, but did not have much experience. Dawn said that was ok, she would help me learn.

She said that she wanted me to have fun too and showed me a pair of her silky panties. She brought them to my cheek and said aren't these soft and silky. I had to admit that they were. Dawn said that stroking my hard penis with the fabric would be exciting for her, to help me know when what I was doing was good for her. She asked if I would be ok wearing them while I was going down on her. I said sure, why not. It might be fun.

So I let her slide the panties up my legs and over my penis. We settled down on her bed and I learned how she liked to be licked. When I did something Dawn wanted me to do again, she touched and moved my penis around inside the panties. She got me so hot and stimulated me to the point that I stopped and said I was going to cum. She said go for it and so I came hard in her panties, making a mess inside and a bit outside of them. I said that I was sorry about that, as she hadn't cum herself yet. Dawn was reassuring and said that cumming was great, no matter who does it. I said I was willing to continue, but she said she wanted to clean up the mess.

The next time I had supper at Dawn's place, she got me to come over earlier and help her prepare it. It was fun to do together. She asked me if I wanted to go down on her again after supper and I said of course! I wanted to make up for the last time since she didn't get to cum. She asked if I would change into her panties before supper, to get into the mood. I said sure, why not, but that wearing them longer like that might make me cum again too soon. She said don't worry, she has a surprise for me that will make sure what happened last time won't get in the way.

When we settled down in her bed she showed me a pair of plastic panties. She said this way, she could still play with me in her panties and if I came before her, the plastic panties would keep the mess inside. So was I game? I said sure, why not. So she slide the plastic panties up my legs, over the silky nylon panties. Then we got down to it. Sure enough, her stimulating of me inside the slippery panties got me hot and I came before she did. But the plastic panties did their job and I was able to continue on licking her until she came. I felt so good and proud of being able to do that. She was smiling and happy too.

After showering, she asked me if I would like to take a few of her panties home with me to wear while thinking of her. I said sure, why not.

The next time I went to Dawn's place for supper, I was already wearing her pair of panties. She asked me to show her. When I did, she asked if I would wear one of her short skirts, so she could play with me in her panties while making supper. I thought about it and said sure, why not. Once the skirt was on she asked how it felt. I said a bit weird, not having any material between my legs and a bit vulnerable. She said now I know how girls feel. She said that she has a top that she often wears with the skirt and that it would look much nicer with that top. I said, well if it would look better together then ok. She came back and looked a bit sheepishly and said that the top it a bit see through and so she always makes sure to wear a pretty bra with it. Would I do that too, even though I don't really need one? I shrugged and said if that is what she wanted, sure go ahead.

So off we went into the kitchen, having fun making supper together, teasing each other in the sexy clothes we were wearing. I felt more bolder caressing her under her skirt and touching her breasts through her bra since she was doing the same to me. We had great sexy time together that night, with me again wearing plastic panties in addition to all of the other clothes that she put me in while I went down on her.

The next time we had supper at her place, I of course was put into a pretty outfit. A nice dress this time. When Dawn brought me to the kitchen, she had a very pretty apron that she tied around me. She then instructed me as I prepared supper. After we ate, she continued to instruct me as I cleaned up and put everything away. She said that since she had purchased everything and it was in her home, it was really nice of me to share and contribute in this way. I said I appreciated being able to share in our suppers together.

After supper, she asked me if I would like to stay that night at her place. I said that I would love to but hadn't brought any overnight stuff. She said that was ok, she had stuff I could borrow. She also said that she wanted to make sure that I wasn't tempted to want to have intercourse with her and didn't want me to make a mess when she made me cum. When we got ready for bed, she had her plastic panties ready and also a diaper. She said that she wanted to use her vibrator on me just before falling asleep and didn't want to have to get out of bed to clean up. I said sure why not, and let her pin me into the diaper and slide the plastic panties up my legs. Dawn used her vibrator on herself and I got to see her face when she orgasmed. It was wonderful. Then she placed the vibrator on the front of my diaper and plastic panties and moved it around until I came. Then we both went to sleep.

The next time I had supper at Dawn's place, she brought me into her room and dressed me in a very pretty maid's uniform. She said that she wanted me to be her sissy maid, if I would like that. I said why not and put the uniform on. I made her supper, cleaned up, went down on her, and we slept well. The next day, she had me wear the uniform again and I did her laundry, washed her bathroom, her floors and made her meals and took care of all of the requests she asked of me. That afternoon before I went back home, she asked me if I would like to continue to be her sissy maid going forward. I said sure why not. It was fun and she was great as a partner and I guess a mistress. After I took off the sissy maid outfit, Dawn said that to make it official that I was now her sissy maid, she wanted me to start wearing a device around my penis for her. She showed me the chastity device and asked me to put it on and that she would be sure to take good care of me as I wear it for her. Trusting her, I said “Yes, mistress”.
Bobbie-Sue they are lovely accounts of supper at your girlfriend Dawn’s place.
Variety is the spice of life and Dawn was certainly sure to introduce a variety of different experiences  Wink
(02-06-2021, 03:44 PM)afp Wrote: Bobbie-Sue they are lovely accounts of supper at your girlfriend Dawn’s place.

Whereas in real life, supper tonight is just as fun! We went out for an energetic walk this morning and my wife/mistress had me take the nub off, also for cleaning. After that I did the groceries and am now cooking. My wife suggested my outfit and it worked out wonderfully. I had a really happy response. A flowery 50's housewife type of dress with my pink petticoat underneath. Stayup stocking on my freshly shaved legs, white 2" heel shoes, string of pearls, pearl clipon earrings, pearl bracelet and cute ruby heart silver ring. It looks and feels so wonderful. I danced around happily telling my wife how much I love the feel and look. 

Now off to finish making supper. And then clean up. And possible back in my nub. We shall see.

Oh, and this apron ( and a pretty pink big flower clip for my hair. :-)
That sounds like an absolutely darling outfit; you must feel so lucky to have such a wife.
That’s a truly lovely outfit and accessories. I suggest, belatedly, if you thanked her and curtsy nicely, you may be let out of your nub for a little longer.
Yes, I do feel very lucky having such a supportive wife. Although I have worn all of this before, this was the first time I put all of it together into an outfit. It was delightful to feel the totality of the effect on me of all of the parts of the outfit.

I thought she was going to have me back in the nub tonight, but she didn't tell me to. I am fortunate that recently she has started initiating deciding to put me in it. Originally she was not keen on the device. She has made a point to play a bit more in this area of our sexuality. I feel very fortunate.
Panties and plastic panties with the addition of lace hankies .

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Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
(02-11-2021, 07:39 PM)Bill Wrote: Panties and plastic panties with the addition of lace hankies .

What a wonderful image to go along with the story. Thanks Bill!

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