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Evolution of forum
While I have been a member for a short time I have been reading this forum for over 6 years and have seen a number of contributers come and go. There are people whose posts I enjoyed reading but who no longer post and I wonder why that is and what has happened to them.Maybe they have grown tired of the forum or have their personal circumstances changed I expect we will never know.

The forum statistics say that 28% of members have posted but that means nearly 3/4 of members have never posted. Dont know how that compares with forums in general. Also the statistics don't show how many members are active.

The forum has changed direction a little bit over the past 9 months or so but then everything has to evolve to survive
All forums go in cycles of activity and members come and go. I guess they key is to be active yourself and not worry about others.
The direction of the forum will be influenced in no small part by the change in people who post regularly. Some (like myself) are more prone to commenting on threads that have already been started whereas others are very prolific thread starters. 

When that latter group changes, the threads that are started are primarily influenced by the interests of their replacements.

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