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CURTUS Diaper Punishment
    Here is another old CURTUS panel. A young man undergoing Diaper Punishment, like I did. He's so frightened of further punishment, he wets his nappy. Can you blame him? I know I would do the same!
Diaper, or nappy, punishment is a funny thing. At first you’re horrified at being humiliated like that, but after a while you just have to meekly accept that you’re going to wet yourself.

On the occasions I suffered a couple of days or more of nappy punishment I found myself wetting my nappy without even really thinking about it.
Undoubtedly, nappy punishment when used for an extended period of time does procure the risk of temporary incontinence 

When one is younger or is inexperienced in nappy punishment the temptation is to hold out for as long as possible but it very quickly becomes evident that one is only prolonging the pain. Far easier just to wet it gradually over the course of the day than to go from completely dry to absolutely sodden in one go

Which is a plan that worked quite well but for those instances when I had to drink lots of liquid in one go (usually just before bed) when a full bladder followed in fairly short order anyway
‘Temporary incontinence’ is a good way of putting it. When I had a nappy on for a while I would just find myself weeing into my nappy without realising it.

Sometimes when I was allowed out of nappies my mother would ask me if I wanted a pair of my towelling trainer pants on for a couple of days just in case I started to wee without realising it. Embarrassingly there was more than one occasion when I was glad I said yes, but not before there were a couple of times when I regretted not saying so.

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