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Your new outfit
"Come here, boy, and let me put this on for you. You were complaining you didn't want to be seen by my friends in just your nappy and baby knickers. Well, I've got you something to cover them up..."

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I love this Ali! A lesson a lot of us have failed to learn over the years, if you complain too much things can often get worse!
Are things worse, I think it’s better because it’s the cutest little baby dress and knickers Smile
I’m not sure which would be worse - being seen in just a nappy and baby knickers, or being seen in this sissyish outfit, and it still being obvious you have a nappy on underneath!
Yea sure is obvious you have a nappy on underneath
Plus the embarrassment of having to wear knickers which actually invite people to spank you...
It’s a convenient excuse to introduce additional sissywear (which is often how aspects of petticoating are introduced) but in reality it won’t be the least bit effective. 

Next week it’ll be something to cover the bib no doubt  Big Grin

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