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"Oh my goodness!" she exclaimed. "Why do you have a pile of nappies stored in your bedroom? You don't have a baby sister, do you?"

How on earth can you explain to your friend from school about your nappies, and that your mother puts you back into them as a punishment?

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Oh my goodness, that’s a very tricky situation indeed. He must be beet red. No matter what he says, she won’t believe him and he will end up modelling them for her. The little bit we can see, they would seem to have colourful little patterns on them, nice.
I used to have to keep my nappies and baby things in my bedroom when I was a child. I always dreaded anyone finding them.
(01-27-2021, 04:21 PM)Ali Wrote: I used to have to keep my nappies and baby things in my bedroom when I was a child. I always dreaded anyone finding them.

I had a friend just like you as a child, his nappies were kept in his room, I found them but said nothing, he made up a little game, we both ended up nappies under our trousers, but was even obvious we had them on.
That’s very kind of you to make a game out of your friend having nappies.

Was he a bedwetter? Or did his mother use them as a punishment, as mine did?

What was the game? I bet it was fun both having nappies on.
He was a bed wetter, as I found out later from his Mom when we were grown up, she accidentally let it slip. I was too, but my Mom did didn’t use nappies on me. My friend and I to this day don’t know the other was a bed wetter. I also suspect his mom used nappies as a punishment. Occasionally he was slow to come down to the door from his bedroom when his mom would call him down for me. When he did, I spotted his bum looked a little bigger. I didn’t know why then nor did I ask, even though I was curious. But later realised based on some things his mom would say to him as a big kid she’d say “don’t act like a baby” then wink oddly, he’d blush profusely. So yes l believe his mom did use it for punishment.

Yes it was fun both having nappies on.

The game was we woke up in a world populated only of babies and to blend in, as we were not babies, had to be in nappies and practice Baby games.
I wore nappies as punishment regularly as a child. I often pondered how I might explain them away if a friend ever saw them in my room. It never happened but I was fortunate to have a younger sister to pin it on if necessary.  Big Grin
Oh Girlygirl I bet though pinning it on your little sister would only backfire and put you in further trouble Wink
Without a doubt. In fact don’t know which I would have feared more - my friends knowing or my mother’s wrath.  Wink

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