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New Jacket from H&M
[img]<a href=[/img][Image: 20210119-195956.jpg] [Image: 20210119-194134.jpg] [Image: 20210119-194150.jpg] [Image: 20210119-195319.jpg]" />

New jacket!

To look professional in my upcoming job!
It becomes you "well" *!*
A short jacket with a skirt is always a winner.
Think Prince Charlie or an Argyle jacket with a kilt now just tone it down a bit and there you are !

Have you tried the jacket theme UN-Buttoned ?
Looking lovely there, Brenda. Big Grin  It makes for very fashionable corporate wear.
Lovely, and very professional. Luv the heels, you look so good in them.
Brenda, I agree you look great and very professional in those pictures. Best of luck in the new job.

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