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Punishing Timmy - 3
Timmy's aunt was a nurse, so she knew exactly how to insert the catheter in a safe manner.

"Don't squirm, Timmy.  That will only make this worse."

Timmy was lying on his back on a thick pad on his aunt's bed, with nothing on from the waist down.  The procedure he was about to be subjected to was one he had experienced just one time before, but that was enough to make him distressed and ashamed and feeling totally helpless.  Although his sister and cousins had now seen him naked on many occasions when he was being diapered, Timmy's aunt used their viewing of this procedure to give them a bit of a lesson in male anatomy.

"Watch carefully, girls.  I know that it looks like I'm putting a pretty large wand inside Timmy's peeny, once it starts to go in it will move to the place I want it fairly easily.  You can also see how his plums have tightened up.  This is because he's so tense, which is quite understandable.  This is not a comfortable procedure for him."

"And then" one of Timmy's cousins asked "will some pee just come out and go down that tube into the the bag?"

"That's right, sweetie.  It's not like normal peeing, though.  Timmy has no control over this.  There -- you can see it's starting to come out now.   I knew he'd held quite a bit of it back because he didn't want to keep wetting himself."

By now Timmy was whimpering softly, and steady rivulets of tears were running down his cheeks.

"Boy's bits are so funny looking" his sister said with a laugh, and both cousins nodded in complete agreement.  "Yeah" one cousin added.  "Really weird if you ask me."

Timmy's aunt also laughed.  "You're right girls.  They are.  Are his plums are really sensitive, so if you ever hit Timmy there, he will REALLY feel it!"

"C...can I give them a squeeze?" one of his cousin's asked.  "No, not now" his aunt replied.  "But I'm guessing you will some day" she continued with a laugh.

"OK.  That looks like that's it.   Lie VERY still Timmy so I can remove the wand.  There.   OK.  Dab a little at the tip.  Yup.  Looks good.  OK girls, who wants to help me put his diaper on??

All three girls immediately  called out "Me!".

"Well" laughed Timmy's aunt.  "Maybe you can all help.  Two of you can each hold one of Timmy's legs.  That's right.  Pull them up over his head.  And now you" indicating Timmy's sister "can shake some powder on his peeny and his rear.  That's it.  Very good.  And now -- all I have to do is fold the diaper up and over like this and put in the pins.   There."

"What about rubber pants?" one of Timmy's cousins asked.  "Doesn't he need some for when he wets the diaper?"

"Yes, of course dear.  And I have some right here."

Reaching into a drawer, Timmy's aunt pulled out a pair of pink rubber baby pants.  "Put your feet through these leg holes Timmy.  Very good.  Now remember, when you are ready to pee again, even though you're in a diaper and rubber pants now, I want you to ask the girls for permission, and if they say yes, then they can watch as you get that funny look on your face that you always get when you are wetting a diaper."

"And Auntie.  Are you going to make him wear a little girl's style dress, like you did last time, and make him drink from a baby bottle too?" asked Timmy's sister.  "We all love it when you do that to him.  He looks so funny in those little dresses that barely come down to his waist, and we have a great time giving him his bottles and burping him, just like he's a real baby."

"Well, since you all like it so much when I do that to Timmy, then yes.  In fact, how about if you girls go into the closet in Timmy's room where the dresses are, and you can pick one out for him to wear now.  And I'll warm up some milk in a bottle for him.  I'm sure he's thirsty now."

By this time, Timmy had lost his ability to object or even complain about anything that was being done to him.  Instead, he simply meekly complied as the girls put him into a short yellow little girl's style dress, and then he sucked obediently when they put the nipple of the bottle in his mouth, and he kept sucking until he'd finished the entire bottle.

That night, as Timmy lay in bed wearing a new dry diaper, the rubber pants, and a very short nightie, he lay there desperately hoping that if he was a good obedient baby girl for his aunt that she would end this period of punishment some time the next day.  But what he never expected that the next day would bring something that in some ways was even worse.
A catheter must be a very humiliating experience. It's one thing to be diapered involuntarily and still have control over when you do wet your diapers, but to lose even that small amount of control must make you feel totally helpless.

It's a really good story.
Excellent chapter but very humiliating for Timmy totally regressed but the little girls dress a total thrill.
Certainly a punishment Timmy won’t soon forget. Having undergone nappy punishment myself that is a substantial punishment in itself - to actually have no choice when he goes adds a whole extra layer. I wonder how much warning he will get to be able to ask for permission to go as he has been told he is supposed to?
A catheter is terribly humiliating as your bladder empties continuously and your nappy is always wet . It doesn't even prevent an erection and that can be really uncomfortable especially in a nappy and waterproofs .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Great story, can't wait to hear what is in store for little miss Timmy. I suspect it not something he wants but desperately needs.

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