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feminine gloves!
Oh! From one of the stories posted on the site:

Quote:For me as a man, and I believe of any boy, it must be so humiliating when he has to wear soft feminine gloves, white, black, pink etc.

I had a little search on online clothing shops for gloves + bows and gloves + lace and there are some beautiful delicate ones! Perfect for a petticoat punishment!

[Image: n9YsGUK.jpg][Image: yv5RlDy.jpg][Image: 5jdsK7E.jpg]

The idea is to force your sissy to wear the most delicate girly gloves possible! They can be tightened so that it is impossible to take them off by themselves without causing a tear. It is a constant reminder as they are visible when they do any kind of work with their hands, it'll force them to do their tasks in a much more careful and reserved way... and if a sissy were to play with her naugthy parts then there will certainly be some icky stains that get her in trouble during glove inspection!

What do you think, would you love to be punished in cute gloves like this? Or would you consider using them to keep your pet under control?
Oh I love these! It would be so easy to tie these securely so the sissy couldn't take them off. You could make them match his lacy knickers, and make him lift his skirt to show visitors how coordinated his outfit was!
Sissy gloves are a nice touch and keep a prissy princess hands looking pretty like the rest of his outfits.
I absolutely adore these! I can just imagine Madame simply insisting that I wear such chic accessories whether I want to or not.

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