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Punishing Timmy - 2
When Timmy's aunt arrived, she took one look at the large wet spot on the front of Timmy's pants and shook her head in exasperation.

"Timmy.  I TOLD you to call me to diaper you when you felt you couldn't hold it any longer.   Why didn't you.   Are you deliberately being disobedient?"

"No, Aunty.  NO.  Please.  I'm sorry.   But it's not my fault.  The girls tickled me and that's why I lost control and wet myself.  Please.  It's not my fault.  Please don't be angry.  I wasn't trying to be disobedient.  PLEASE."

"Oh, so now you're blaming all of this on your sister and cousins.  All of them younger than you.  I can't believe you would do.  Well -- you just wait here while I get some diapers, and you know what else."

Timmy's face went white at hearing what his aunt said, and he started to cry again, so much so now that he could barely talk.

"Oh please NO Aunty.  Please, not that.  Oh please.   Just diaper me.   I'll be good.  I promise.  And I won't have any more accidents.  I promise.  Really."

By this point Timmy was on his knees in front of his aunt, begging and pleading while tears rained down his cheeks.

"Well, maybe I'll skip the device.  But that will be up to the girls, since they are the ones you blamed for your own lack of control.  What do you say girls.   Just diapers -- or the other as well."

Timmy's sister and cousins were laughing so hard by now that they could barely contain themselves.   Looking at each other, each knew what the other was thinking, and as one they laughingly called out "Both, Aunty.  Both!"

"Well, Timmy, it seems that blaming the girls has not turned out well for you.  Perhaps you'll think about that next time you consider blaming them for what is entirely your fault."

As Timmy sank to the floor sobbing, his Aunt turned and left the room, returning a couple of minutes later with a soft fluffy diaper, some diaper pins, baby powder, and a white box.  The sight of the box sent Timmy into another episode of weeping, and he again begged and begged to simply be diapered.  But his aunt ignored his pleas, and as she made preparations to deal with him, his sister excitedly took each of her cousin's hands and they moved in closer to watch.

"Oh please Aunty" Timmy begged once more.   "Really, I don't need that.  I'll be good, and I'll tell you when I'm about to wet my diaper and I won't complain about the girls watching while I wet my diaper.   But not that.  Please."

"Timmy.  That is ENOUGH.  I'm sure that you tried to hold some back when you realized you were wetting yourself, and I want you fully emptied before putting on a nice clean diaper.  Otherwise you might wet it in just a couple of hours, and I don't want to have to change you again until it's time for you to go to be.  So come here, take off you wet pants and underpants, and lie here on your back.  And I'm warning you.  Do NOT move your hands down to cover yourself.  You know that the more you move or squirm the more uncomfortable this is going to be."

"OK girls" Timmy's aunt continued.  "Gather round.  I know this is something you all like to see."
Whatever it is they have in store, Timmy is clearly all too familiar with it and very much disliking of it. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
It sounds like Timmy is about to get it and right in front of all those girls. I'm just wondering what "it" is. It sure has Timmy scared.

Great story.
Excellent writing, I love it, but poor Timmy.
I’m quite in suspense wondering what this device might be!

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