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Punishing Timmy: 1
Every summer, Timmy and his sister spent six weeks living with their aunt and two female cousins.   Timmy was now ten, but was quite small for his age.  His sister Emily was 7, while his cousins (Jennifer and Sandy) were 8 and 6 respectively.

Although Emily always looked forward to staying with her cousins and aunt, Timmy dreaded the visits and would beg his mother not to make him go, but his mother felt she needed the break from child care, and had noticed that the time that Timmy spent with his aunt always seemed to have positive effects on his behavior, so Timmy's pleadings fell on deaf ears.

This summer, as was usually the case, it was only a matter of hours after arriving before Timmy was in trouble.  Partly this was because his aunt was very strict and had so many rules that Timmy was almost guaranteed to violate one, but even more so this was because his sister and cousins loved to get him in trouble and knew just how to do it.  They would tease him and bother him unceasingly until he retaliated -- and then the girls would tattle and it would be Timmy who got into trouble.  And if Timmy did not do anything wrong, they girls would just make something up and complain to Timmy's aunt and not matter what Timmy said, his aunt would always believe the girls.

The punishment regimen always went the same way.  On his first offense, Timmy was spanked.  A bare bottom spanking with a hairbrush while the girls all watched and laughed as poor Timmy was reduced to uncontrollable tears.  And after the spanking, with his rear glowing red, he would have to spend an hour in the corner, with his nose touching the wall and his pants and underpants still down around his ankles.  And if the misbehavior included Timmy saying anything he was not supposed to, he would also have his mouth washed out with soap.  Again, this was done in front of the girls and they found his distress, as he held the cake of soap between his teach and a soapy lather dribbled out of his mouth and down his chin, wildly amusing.

But those punishments were just the prelude to what he dreaded the most -- losing his bathroom privileges -- a punishment that his aunt imposed on his second act of misbehavior during each visit.  This summer, it was just the second day of the visit when the girls were able to goad Timmy into swearing at them, resulting in a mouth soaping and bathroom denial.  Timmy begged and pleaded and apologized, and then begged and pleaded and apologized some more, and even began to weep, but to no avail.  His aunt told him that he was losing bathroom privileges for the next three days.  But she also told him that she would not make him wear a diaper immediately.  Instead, although he would, of course, have to do his business in a diaper, she would hold off on diapering him until he told her that he was ready to go, then he'd be diapered, and then after wetting, she would remove his diaper.

Knowing that the diapering would be done in front of the girls, and that they would also watch as he stood there and wet it, Timmy tried to go as long as possible without asking his Aunt to diaper him.  All was fine for a couple of hours, but then his aunt and the girls could tell he was showing the distinctive behaviors of a boy who needed to pee -- tightening his buttocks, crossing his legs, even squeezing himself.  The girls laughingly chanted "Timmy needs to pee.  Timmy needs to pee", but despite the obvious evidence, Timmy angrily claimed that he didn't, and even when his aunt kindly suggested that it might be diaper time, Timmy said it wasn't necessary.  

After another half hour or so it was obvious Timmy was in increasing distress, but still he insisted he didn't need the diaper.  At about that time he noticed the three girls whispering and laughing to each other, and then the three of them came over to where Timmy was standing, and started to tickle him.  At first Timmy just begged them to stop, but then, despite his distress, with all three girls tickling him he started to laugh, and then the inevitable happened.  His sister was the first to notice, and immediately called out "Aunty, come quick.  Timmy has wet himself."  Of course, the cousins then noticed too, but they continued with their tickling as the wet spot on the front of Timmy's pants got bigger and bigger.

Timmy was beside himself with shame and dread as he realized what was happening.  Shame at wetting himself, especially in front of his sister and cousins.  And a deep feeling of dread about the punishment he knew he was about to receive from his aunt.
Removal of bathroom privileges is certainly an effective punishment and one that I was subject to myself many times. I sense that Timmy has misplayed his hand here and might be in for a rather longer  loss of privileges than he was banking on.
I love the twist in that Timmy has to ask to be diapered. Gosh, he sure has ended up in a very unfortunate state. Looking forward to reading more.
That's a great start to a wonderful story. I can hardly wait to find out Timmy's punishment for wetting his pants.
A delightful beginning...every young boy should have a super strict aunty to ensure their proper upbringing and discipline.

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