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Hello from UK
Hello all, 

I have been reading for many months and only just got to courage to post. 

I am a little sissy from the UK. I am 32 and been secretly wearing female clothes since I was 16. 
I love diapers, leotards, tights etc. 

I love the idea of been inferiors to females and would love to live the experience. I would love to explore my femine side more. I would like to chat with people to help me develop my desires.

Nice to finally meet everyone.
Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun and make lots of friends. Looking forward to hearing more about you x
Welcome to the forum Sissy Girl - you have certainly come to the right place to discuss your interests as all those and more are represented on this forum. 

I hope to discuss some of these further with you in due course.
Welcome to the forum sissy_girl_uk. You’re in the right place an lots of fun to be had here learning from many varied experiences.
aww thank you so much all. I'm blushing with the beautiful responses. I am so happy to find others who love the feeling of being controlled by beautiful women. 
lots of love from this sissy girl xx
Always nice to see yet another "kindred spirit" join in the fun. Welcome sissy gurl!

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