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Debutante Balls
Christopher stood nervously upon the stairs with the girls. All were here for the Debutante Ball, and Christopher was scared and embarrassed in his pink party frock, ribbon choker, and colorful hair flowers in his still short boy's hair. His makeup was subtle, softening his boyish features yet showcasing this was only a petticoated boy in the pink frock, long gloves, and matching heels. The boy teetered precariously, worrying he'd stumble on the processional descent. His Mommy would certainly not like that!

Soon enough the Master of Ceremonies called his name ... "I present to you all, Miss Stephanie Christopher!"

Carefully descending the stairs as he was taught in his interminable etiquette and poise classes, Christopher scanned the room and saw several of the tuxedoed young men eyeing him appreciatively, as well as a few of the ladies.

(I did this with FaceApp, using my own face, de-aged, and added into a movie scene ... I'm not sure which one, to be honest. hehe)

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He looks devine in that dress. He needn’t be so nervous. Once he has been paired off with his dance partner for the evening, the rest will take care of itself  Wink
Great results with FaceApp.
A thrilling experience for Christopher.
Before the Ball, Governess helps Christopher get changed. First will be to remove his night chemise and place a corset about his waist to help give his boyish shape a little bit more femininity.

(Another FaceApp manipulation using a very de-aged and Hollywood-ized version of my own face ...)

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