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12 Days of Christmas Day 6
Day 6

He woke up feeling full of energy. The sun was shining through the window, and he thought that she would be back in Barbados later, and they would chat. He thought about ways that he could show her he had been a good boy. 

Before his shower, he inserted his suppository, and the thought suddenly struck him that he should try the next size up butt plug. He was sure she would be pleased. As he applied the lubricant, he thought the area around his anus felt more sensitive than usual, and he sprang to an erection. 

The bigger plug was not easy to insert, and he bent over, pushing his buttocks up to try to ease the passage. Very gently, he applied more pressure, and the bulbous head slipped inside. His overwhelming sensation was of safety and comfort. He felt fulfilled. He felt owned.  

After treating himself with a full body depilation cream  rub and shower, he stood looking at himself in the mirror. He could see that the GWorld exercise program and PE diet was already starting to have an impact. He had lost belly fat, and seemed to have a more defined waist. 

His moobs had not gone away, however, and he noticed that his nipples, which had always been small, seemed to be larger, and when he touched them, more sensitive. 

As he turned around to look at the rear view, his hips seemed more    
prominent, and his buttocks more rounded. He could see the jewelled base of the plug glittering between the cheeks, and he bent over, giving himself a cheeky smile. 

Back in her bedroom, he put in his earbuds, remembering to put on two pairs of panties, his new Thursday pair, and another of hers unwashed from the laundry basket over his face. Before turning on the podcast he noticed they were a matching colour, although his were more frilly. 

Today's discussion was about the ascendency of Women in the workplace. Dr Manhater (as he had started to think of her) reeled off statistics about the increasing levels of wealth ownership by Women, their more prominent positions in politics, the law, the media, business and education. 

She pointed out that a majority of university graduates were Women, and had better results than their male contemporaries. 

The other speaker’s defence of males was, as usual, half hearted at best. She took the line that males couldn’t help it that they are inferior to Women, and needed sympathy, help and understanding. 

Unsurprisingly Dr Manhater had no truck with this, trotting out crime statistics - rape, burglary, violence - and stating that the only solution was the complete suppression of toxic masculinity. 

As the waves started to soothe him, he thought how lucky he was to have her to protect him and look after him. 

His sixth day present was a card from his beloved. It read 'Sweetie, I hope you are doing ok. For your sixth day present, you are going to have a visitor at 6 o'clock this afternoon, so please make sure the flat is clean and tidy. Make sure you do what she tells you - it’s all part of the treat! Miss you sweetie, be a good boy for Mummy! xxx'

He felt himself go fluttery. A visitor! He must clean the flat! What should he wear? Who?

As he drank a seed smoothie and ate and avocado of flatbread, he calmed down. He drew up a list of chores to make sure that everything was slick and span. Bathroom, kitchen, study, bedroom, box room, sitting room, hall. Boots and shoes. Cupboards and drawers. 

He felt the number 2 plug inside him. She would be pleased. 

By 11 he had done most of the flat, although he thought he could have a second go after the exercise program. 

He was in position on the floor just in time for the GWorld logo, and the two strong beautiful Women running through the title sequence. He felt a surge of happiness when they kissed.

The program started with the two ladies in their gym studio talking about breasts. The camera zoomed in on them as they touched each other, inspecting and admiring their magnificent endowments and described the health and fitness benefits of exercise to keeping breasts in good condition. 

There then followed a series of exercises to improve pectoral muscles - plank, press ups, cobra- before finishing with a shorter sequence of squats. 

With every press up, he felt the larger plug inside him. The mild discomfort was outweighed by his feelings about being secure and owned, and it encouraged him to give his best to the exercise program. 

After a quick shower and rub down, including a breast self-examination (yes those nipples were bigger and definitely more sensitive!) he once again gave the flat a thorough clean, finishing with a sort out of her lingerie drawer, carefully folding each item and colour coding. 

Feeling that he had earned a break, he settled down to watch GWorld Sport with a beer and a salad. A couple of games of beach volleyball were followed by more Women’s Weightlifting. Once again he was transported by their power and strength. 

In a moment of fancy, he imagined himself being picked up and carried effortlessly by one of these Eastern European beauties. 

The next programme was 'What Women Really Want'. He fetched another beer, and settled down on the rug to watch. He couldn’t remember why he didn’t enjoy the programme when he first watched it. 

This time, the severe facesitting Woman - he supposed that she must be a Duchess, or even a Queen- was already on her throne, while the two serving girls were dancing a stately medieval dance. 

The camera cut between their faces and hers, smiling to severe, and then between their bodies, the girls dancing round and round, the Duchess making small movements pressing down her seat and the boys face inside it. 

All the while the soundtrack of Women breathing and moaning continued to build. 

At this point the doorbell rang. 

Flustered, and only semi conscious, he swept his lunch plate into the sink and the empty beer bottles into the bin. 

The bell rang again, insistently. 

He didn’t have time to change! He quickly put on the silky robe, and answered the door. He remembered that he was wearing face panties, but the thought popped into his head that his visitor would prefer to see him properly dressed than to see his naked face, so he left them on. 

He opened the door. It was the pretty girl from the health food shop and clinic. She stepped inside. 

She was dressed in an old fashioned nurses uniform, with a rubber apron. She was carrying a Gladstone bag in one hand, and a collapsible massage table under the other arm. She showed no signs of stress from carrying these heavy objects. 

'There you are at last, sweetie! What kept you?'. ‘I’m sorry, I...' he stammered.

She looked up at the tv screen. 'Oh you’re watching What Women Really Want. I love that programme! She’s so great isn’t she?' 

She smiled. 'Shall I set this up in here, sweetie? I’m Miss Anna, by the way. You can call me Miss. Do you watch her every day? I think it’s so important for boys to learn What Women Really Want, don’t you?'  

Miss Anna carried on talking as she set up the massage table. She seemed very kind and nice, but he found he couldn’t really speak. He felt very tongue tied. 

'Off with the robe, up on the bed, like a bunny rabbit. Hop hop! Oh what a sweet pair of panties! Matching. Let’s take those off shall we? No, leave the face panties. Don’t want you to be naked, do we? That’s it, face down, hands by your sides, legs slightly apart. Good boy.'

‘Now I’m going to give you a massage. Just relax, honey, I’ll just put on a nice soothing tape'. 

The tape played sounds very like his podcasts - waves, a heartbeat - but the sound of Women's voices whispering messages was replaced by Miss Anna, who chattered softly as she rubbed a cream into his shoulders and back, then calves and thighs. 

She talked about the tv programme, and working at the shop/clinic, and his lovely smooth skin, and how beneficial the PE diet was, and how he was a good boy. 

When she reached his buttocks she tapped the jewel on the base of the butt plug. In a completely different tone, she snapped 'what size is this? 2? Shouldn’t you be on 3 by now? That’s really not good.  Not good at all!'  

He muttered that he had only started a few days ago, and was finding size 2 difficult to manage. She smoothly pulled out his plug, and after asking where the plug set was (in the bedroom), she went to get it, leaving him on the bed, fretting that his suppository was going to leak, and anxious about the size 3.  

When she returned she was carrying the chest in rubber gloves. While he watched, she licked the button in a slightly lascivious way, fixing him with her eyes as she did so. 

Before inserting the number three plug, she reached for large pot of cream from her Gladstone. He could just see the label, which said 'A Little Happiness'. 

Anna spread the cream very freely around and in his ass. It was very slippery, slightly pink and smelt of roses. While he felt extremely embarrassed that she was probing inside him, it was undeniable extremely erotic. He could feel his erection pushing against the massage table. 

'That should make you feel very nice, sissy', she murmured. He felt a pang of alarm. He was no sissy! But he was entranced by the tape and her ministrations. He could correct her mistake later. Before could even mutter a protest, she was exhorting him to push his little bottom in the air, and open wide, as she started the process of inserting the plug into his slippery ring. 

'Just relax, sissy. Don’t fight it. You need this.' 

The cream was having an impact.  His skin was starting to tingle and he felt a form of sexual ecstasy that he had never know before. The gentle but insistent probing of the plug sent pulsing throughout his body. The pain grew as Anna withdrew and pushed further. Eventually, his sphincter released and the plug slid home. 

'Oh you are a good boy. Now roll over'. 

He felt as if he couldn’t ever move again. The plug was impossible to ignore, and he felt unable to think about anything else. The gel she applied seemed to have increased his sensitivity manifold. 

When he had settled on his back, she reached once more into the pot and rubbed a little into his nipples, and then his groin. When she had thoroughly covered his inner thighs, rolling his balls in her gloved hand and then coating his erection, she returned to his chest. 

Gently massaging his budding breasts, then circling his tiny nipples, which were pointing out in a way he had never experienced before, she started to explain the way the gel worked. 

Based on a cocktail of hormones, it worked in conjunction with the Vitamin XX suppositories to suppress masculine tertiary sex characteristics and enhance female traits. So body hair would grow less, breasts and nipples would grow and be much more sensitive, as would buttocks, perineum and the anal area. It would also enhance the internal effects of the inserts on the prostate gland.

The male genitalia would shrink noticeably, while becoming sensitised. With the same amount of nerve endings in a smaller area, sensation would more resemble the proper human form, the clitoris rather than its corrupted forgery, the genetic male defect. 

He could hardly take in what she was saying to him. Every time she stroked the gel into his nipples, it was as if an electric bolt was shooting between his nipples and his insides, magnified by the plug's impact with his every movement, however small. 

She concentrated mostly on his nipples and chest, sometimes moving lower to massage his erection, but stopping every time he thought an orgasm was imminent, and moving back to his chest. 

After what seemed like an eternity, she moved to the head of the massage table, and press a lever to lower its height. Before he could react, she stood at the head of the bed, facing towards his feet, and in a swift movement removed her skirt, took off his face panties and sat gently on his face. 
He is really deeply under his hypnosis now - to have allowed someone else to see him in his feminine finery shows a level of confidence in his choices that would be hard to envisage in someone who hadn’t managed to remove themselves from the pervasive (albeit archaic) views of general society. 

I think someone needs a word about the beer though - not an especially feminine drink.  Wink
GG thanks for following and commenting. It’s really appreciated.

I’m not a drinker, but I find it funny that the drink of choice for many macho male types is rich in phytoestrogens, and the cause of moobs and reduced sex drive.

I’m up to date and have just started Day 7. I feel it’s definitely time for a rebellion, to be ruthlessly crushed, of course.

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