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12 Days of Christmas Day 5
Day 5

He woke up on the floor. He had made up a little bed for himself in his sleep, and woke up feeling very good. His arms and legs felt slightly stiff, but he knew deep down that it was wrong for him to sleep in the Women's bed, and that his proper place was on the floor. 

He also felt very sexy. The combination of his silky pyjamas and the plug had given him some very erotic dreams starring the severe facesitting Woman and the tennis players. He had an erection.

Although he had been feeling increasingly aroused in the days since she had gone, he had so far resisted the temptation to play with himself. She really didn’t like it when he did, saying it was selfish, and it was her toy, not his. 

Actually their sex life for some time had consisted of her playing with him, and him kissing her kitty. Apparently penetration had hurt her on their wedding night, and she had said that she preferred other ways. He craved what he thought of as normal sex, but the last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. 

A couple of other times they had tried it, but the result had been the same. So they settled into a regular routine of cunnilingus for her and masturbation for him, which she seemed to find very satisfactory. Certainly she always had at least one orgasm! He was not so lucky, and it seemed to him that although she played with him a lot, she didn’t bring him to orgasm as much as she used to. 

So instead of playing with himself and incurring her displeasure, or at least feeling some guilt, he headed to the shower. He washed thoroughly, took out the butt plug and cleaned it before inserting a suppository and replacing the plug. 

As he did so, he had a wonderful thought of his beautiful bride having an orgasm, and the fact that he was hers. The butt plug may have been embarrassing, and painful at times, but he couldn’t help thinking that it was a reminder that she owned him. It was a comforting feeling. 

When he returned to the bedroom to hear the podcast, he lay back down in his makeshift nest on the floor, and resolved to really listen to the recording. 

Once again, it started with the two Women having a scientific conversation. It was a continuation of the previous discussions, and intertwined the talk about toxic masculinity, MDSS and testosterone poisoning with the survey on Women's sexuality. 

The man hater introduced some startling statistics from the survey about female infidelity with other females, while the gentler speaker agreed, pointing out that a majority of the Women surveyed were repelled by the male genetic defect, and either never wanted to suffer penetration, or hadn’t enjoyed the experience. 

He found this very interesting, and was pleased that his bride was not alone or even unusual in her rejection of him.  By the time the waves and heartbeat had started to drown out their conversation he felt reconciled to their marital arrangement, and resolved not to ask her to suffer again. 

When the tape had finished, he snapped out of a doze, and went to the dresser. He eagerly knelt before the fifth box, and happily licked the nubbin for five seconds, quietly laughing to himself at the manufacturer’s ingenuity. 

Inside was another small chest. After licking it open, he saw inside a manual, a piece of electrical equipment, a bottle of liquid and various packets and instruments. The manual said 'hair removal kit'. 

Carrying it through to the kitchen, he read it while having breakfast. He felt he was up to date on cleaning, laundry and shoes, so he could devote the day to depilation. This was so great!
He was excited about taking away the male hair that disgusted him when he looked in the mirror.

He didn’t know why, but it seemed to him that he had never wanted to be hairy, although this seemed also to be a new thought. 

As he cleared away the beer bottles from last night, he looked at the label. He didn’t have any hangover, this was good stuff. “Brewed in Czechia in a brewery originally established by nuns, and run by the same family for 300 years”. The current head of the family, a Ms Muždrtič, looked sternly out from the back label. 

“Very high levels of minerals and vitamin XX, and especially recommended for PE diet”. Very good! Maybe he would have another bottle tonight.

He spent the entire day on hunting down and removing all the hair from his body. He had all the necessary tools for every method, and the manual helpfully explained the best method for each area. 

By the time he had finished the laborious task, he was happy to cover himself with the replenishing cream provided in the set, and settle down to watch GWorld. 

They were showing 'What Women Really Want' again, and mindful of the podcast this morning, and the fact that the severe facesitting Woman had haunted his dreams, he could not resist. 
He just had time to open a beer before the program started. 

This time the camera was focused on an empty throne. The room was opulent, with silks and furs. Two pretty young serving girls entered, one holding a young male on a lead. The boy lay on his back on the floor, while the girls used a series of leather straps to secure his head to the underside of the throne. 

They lifted the seat of the throne up and away, and while one girl, giggling, sat on the throne, the other fussed with the adjustable straps until the boy's face was in exactly the right position. 

For the next few minutes each girl took turns to sit on the boy's face, laughing, and chatting with each other, and sometimes kissing.  

After a time, a loud gong was heard, and the two girls left the room quickly. The camera rested on the boys face, an expression on his face which combined lust, fear, shame and longing. 

The severe faced Women came into the room without saying a word. She lifted her skirts and sat on the throne, a brief look of satisfaction crossed her face, she picked up a book and started to read. 

He didn’t know what to think. He was trying to digest everything that was happening to him, but didn’t seem to be able to. Abruptly he realised that it was time for his podcast. He rushed to the bathroom, inserted the new suppository and headed to the bedroom. 
The hair removal cream is always an important moment and it’s use will only make his feminine adornments even more pleasurable when felt against his smooth skin.  Big Grin

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