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How Donald became Millicent
I had been married to Denise for around 30 years in what one might consider to be a fairly normal relationship. We had met at university and we both had good jobs, which meant a comfortable lifestyle with no money worries. No children as we gave priority to our careers.

Like most couples we experimented in the bedroom and discovered our own “preferences”. For my part I always enjoyed it when Denise wore exciting lingerie while she liked to administer mild corporal punishment to me as part of foreplay using a light leather belt or a slipper. A totally different sensation from the corporal punishment I'd received as a schoolboy – bent over a chair in the housemaster’s office for a caning.  That hurt.

I tried disciplining Denise in return but she wasn't at all keen. Anyway, foreplay was good and served its purpose – if you know what I mean...

It slowly dawned on me that Denise was wearing her lingerie less and less, and when I asked her why she simply said something that would in time change the whole nature of our relationship - “If you think its so sexy wear it yourself”.

So I did – I managed to get clip her suspender belt around my waist (a bit of a tight fit) and smooth a pair of her stockings over my legs. I couldn't believe how good I felt.

Denise looked me up and down and said the second thing that would change our relationship – “Now I’m going to punish you for wearing my underwear”. She took me over her knee and spanked me with the slipper, quite a bit harder than usual. She allowed me to get up from her lap and took me by the hand to the bedroom, saying the third relationship-changer. “Attend to my needs, and I mean NOW!”

Denise made me keep the stockings and suspenders on all night, and the following day she looked at me in a way I'd never seen before. I couldn't place the look, though I've come to know it well over the last few years. 

“I think things are going to be different around here from now on” were her last words after breakfast before we both went to our work dressed in our usual business attire.

I felt my wife had changed and that somehow I was no longer her equal

(Words checked by Mistress Denise and approved) 
To be continued soon...
Millicent that’s a great description am looking forward to reading more.
A great start, Millicent; it is apparent already the dynamic that you described in your introduction is coming to the fore and that you are both very open to the evolution of events.
Mistress Denise has now given me permission to write about the next stage in our transformation. However first of all I have to curtsey to all members of the superior sex reading this

Nothing more was explicitly said for 10 days or so about the subtle change in our relationship though it was immediately apparent to me that Denise had become more dominant in words and manner. I put on her stockings and suspenders twice over those few days and the result was the same – Denise gave me a sound spanking and then ordered me to provide for her needs. I couldn't explain why but I liked her being dominant and I was certainly enjoying being submissive to her.

Denise had a very well-paid job as a business consultant, and this necessitated frequent visits to London and other cities. I, on the other hand, was a lawyer in a small English country town. Again a well-paid position but Denise earned more than I did, another factor in her feminine superiority.

That week she had to visit a client in London for a 2-day meeting and when I picked her up from the station on her return she said that she had used her spare time to buy something for me. I drove home and she gave me a wrapped parcel. When I opened it I found that she had bought me a pink lingerie set, consisting of matching bra, knickers and suspender belt, plus a packet of stockings. And a pair of of fluffy feminine slippers

“This outfit will fit you, and I don't want you wearing my clothes, so put these on instead. Now, Donald, immediately!”

I stripped off my normal clothes and got into my lingerie – and that is how I immediately thought of it. My very own lingerie, not something I’d borrowed from my wife. Denise padded the bra with cotton wool so I filled it out reasonably well. I couldn't explain the feeling that gave me, though I understand it these days. 

I put on my feminine slippers, then the two of us prepared a microwave TV dinner which we sat and ate together. For a couple of hours we cuddled on the settee, Denise still in her business suit, me in my pink girlie lingerie. It was a summers evening, and the curtains were still open, but as we live in a house right at the end of our village nobody could see inside.

Bedtime arrived. Denise asked me to give her one of my slippers, and she put me across her knee and spanked me with it – I can't explain the extra pleasure I got from being spanked with my very own girlie slipper. Denise ordered me to cater for her needs, which was no problem at all.

The following morning we had breakfast together before going to our respective offices. Denise's last words to me were:

“I think we'll have to get on the internet at the weekend, you will need some more clothes for what I've got in mind”

I wondered with a mixture of trepidation and excitement what she meant

(Words checked by Mistress Denise and approved after the correction of two grammatical errors, for which she strapped my hand twice, one stroke for each) 
To be continued soon...

My third instalment, with the permission of Mistress Denise. I will first bob a curtsey to all members of the superior sex.

Saturday came, and in a voice that didn't invite argument Denise informed me that I was not allowed to go to watch our local rugby club play, as I usually did. We were going to spend the day doing girlie shopping instead. She produced a list of the clothes that she thought I needed, and that we were going to buy together on the internet. As I remember it the list was:

More pairs of knickers
Another bra
More pairs of stockings and tights
A pair of sensible court shoes
A dress and full length slip
A blouse, skirt and waist slip
A pantie girdle
Two nightdresses and a housecoat

I was both excited at buying feminine clothes for myself, but also curious why I needed all of these. I soon found out. Denise informed me that I was now to wear full female attire every weekend. I was only to wear male clothes with her specific permission, and even then with female underwear if she so decided. I would now wear a nightdress to bed, and I was to sleep in the spare room unless she chose to invite me to her bedroom. I was to call her “Mistress Denise” and to follow any instruction she chose to give me. I was to cook all meals at the weekend, and also to clean the house. She would supervise my work and would thrash me with her leather belt for any infractions.

This was a lot to take in, of course. But the more I thought about it the more excited I became. I asked my mistress if I could perhaps wear my lingerie while we spent the day on the internet, to which she agreed, also allowing me to cover my underpinnings with her silk bathrobe.

I can't describe the feelings as I sat with Mistress Denise looking on the computer screen at women's clothes that I was to wear. She asked my opinion on the various garments though the final choice was naturally hers. By the end of that exciting day I was to be the proud owner of a longline bra, hosiery with and without seams, and a pretty flowered dress that I chose myself, with Mistress Denise’s permission of course.

The blouse and skirt were quite frumpy, I thought, a pink twin set and a tweed skirt that would have suited a woman of advancing years. However, that was what Mistress Denise decided for me. She informed me that the pantie girdle would be used if she noticed any unsightly bulges in my feminine attire, and that I would have to wear it underneath any male clothes, including my everyday office attire, if she so chose. I was to continue to sleep in my lingerie only until the first nightdress was delivered, and I was to wear the housecoat every morning before changing into male attire for the office.

I was overcome and I just couldn't wait for my girlie clothes to be delivered. I had a dominant wife that I now knew I really desired, and I had a small feminine wardrobe all of my own. I asked Mistress Denise two questions:

Firstly, I asked her permission to have a feminine name for the weekends – she decided that “Millicent” was appropriate. Secondly, I foolishly asked permission to go to her bedroom that night – she refused point-blank and slapped my face hard for my impertinence, telling me I was lucky I hadn't received a sound thrashing.

(Words checked by Mistress Denise and approved) 
To be continued soon...  Our Christmas presents to each other in our new lifestyle...
Wow just full of exciting little changes step by step. Looking forward to reading about the Christmas presents.
How generous of Mistress Denise to furnish you with your own feminine clothing. You are very fortunate indeed to have such a benevolent superior  Big Grin
I respectfully make a curtsey to all members of the superior sex reading my words.

As Christmas approached my relationship with Mistress Denise had moved on. I was wearing ladies clothes all day Saturday and Sunday, unless Mistress permitted me a few hours at the rugby on Saturday afternoon, in which case I had to wear a pantie girdle and tights under my male clothes.

I could work from home quite frequently, and thus could wear my ladies attire. But Mistress imposed the same male clothing regime when I went to the office, which gave difficulties when I needed the toilet. But as there were no other males there nobody commented on the fact that I now took longer to handle a call of nature. Nor that I seemed to have lost weight – due to the slimming effect of my pantie girdle.

Mistress had treated me to a few new garments including one I still love – a purple 1950s-style bouffant dress with taffeta petticoat – and she had also decided that my original pantie girdle wasn't restrictive enough, so she had bought me a much tighter long-leg one with suspenders. She also purchased new knickers, stockings and tights as I needed them.

On a Sunday afternoon a few weeks before Christmas we had finished our lunch and after I had washed the dishes Mistress Denise told me to put away my apron and join her in the sitting room. I was wearing my twin set and tweed skirt, with longline bra, seamed tights, pantie girdle (my original one) and waist slip underneath. Incidentally I had taken quite a while to learn how to fasten the longline bra, Mistress Denise had helped me at first but it was only with her threat of a severely smacked bottom that I finally managed it all my myself.

I was told that we were going to discuss our Christmas presents to each other.

“What would you like for Christmas, Millicent?” Mistress asked

All I could think of for myself was wonderful feminine clothing that Mistress Denise might permit me. I asked for another pretty dress, a blouse with frills at the neck and a pencil skirt for when I worked at home, and a pleated skirt. Mistress agreed to all these and added that she thought I should have a corselette and proper breast forms to replace the cotton wool I was still using inside my bra.

“And what do you think you ought to buy for me, Millicent?” asked my Mistress. I genuinely didn't know. “I think I would find a school cane to be useful” she added.

I didn't know how to react to that. Mistress Denise naturally used corporal punishment, as was her right as my superior, but it was usually a slipper or leather belt, and while painful it was not unpleasant, especially afterwards, and reinforced to me my subservient role to Mistress. A school cane was something quite different, however, as I remembered from my visits to the housemaster as a schoolboy.

“Why might you have need to cane me, Mistress?” I asked. “I realise I need to be disciplined, but I hope I have always taken my punishment like an obedient girlie and tried to learn from my misdeeds”.

“Most of the time, I agree. But a few strokes from time to time on your bottom will reinforce your position in this household”.

At that the conversation was closed. Mistress Denise made the purchases on the internet that afternoon and in the next couple of weeks parcels arrived.

On Christmas Day I made breakfast in my housecoat and then I was instructed to wear my dress and full slip with suspender belt and stockings. We opened the parcels and I was delighted to see my new clothes for which I profusely thanked my Mistress. I was less delighted to see the cane, particularly when Mistress Denise swished it through the air. I wondered whether she was going to cane me there and then. But nothing was said...

I prepared Christmas lunch and after completing my chores Mistress Denise summoned me to the dining room. I was told that she had been monitoring my behaviour over the past week and there were a number of shortcomings, which she proceeded to list. I apologised profusely for these but it was obvious that Mistress Denise had already decided how she was going to punish me.

“Lift your skirts then bend over the table and grasp the far side” she ordered as she flexed the cane in her hands. I complied, of course, and felt Mistress Denise position the cane on my bottom, thankfully with my knickers still on. She then administered the traditional six-of-the-best. It hurt, of course, but I didn't cry out and all I could think of after I was allowed to stand was how much I respected my Mistress, and how grateful I was that she permitted sissy Millicent to serve her.

I hoped she might invite me to her bedroom that evening but sadly not. A few weeks later I was to find out why...

(Words checked by Mistress Denise and approved)
To be continued... My humiliation is completed by the last major change in our lifestyle
If Mistress Denise could see me, I would be curtsying myself right now  Big Grin How lucky you are to have a Mistress that cares so much about you as to allow you to express your femininity full time - and it sounds like a great Christmas experience. 

It sounds like a regime suitable for any sissy and (corporal punishment aside) one that they would most enjoy, also.
This is a lovely tale. I can’t wait to hear what happens next. I wonder if she felt it would be appropriate for your to have a schoolgirl uniform to wear when you’re receiving the cane.
I make another curtsey to the superior sex.  Mistress Denise has permitted me to write these words wearing my favourite outfit – the purple 1950s-style dress and petticoat.  Underneath I am wearing my longline bra, suspender belt and tan seamed stockings to compete my 1950s girlie look.

That Christmas and New Year holiday seemed to pass quickly as I continued to serve Mistress Denise.  I was not caned again, but I wasn't sure whether that left me relieved or disappointed.  Bad weather for a week or two meant that working from home was easier than driving to the office so I was in ladies attire virtually seven days a week, and this continued as the weather improved.  Mistress did summon me to her bedroom on a couple of occasions before the spring, with the usual order to attend to her needs, but she seemed not to have as many needs as before.

One Thursday I was told that Mistress Denise's friend Julie would be visiting for the weekend, and that I would be expected to prepare and serve their meals, clean up after them and so on.  This panicked me, because as far as I knew nobody but Mistress was aware of my submissive role.  I knew Julie, of course, but in my male persona.  But I had learned not to raise questions about my role with my Mistress, as this was usually classed as impertinence and resulted in a punishment.

I wore one of my pretty flowered dresses on the Friday, and that afternoon a car pulled up outside the house and Julie stepped out.  I expected her to collapse in giggles when she saw me in the dress but she took it in her stride, making me wonder how much Mistress Denise had told her about me.  I served them afternoon tea and was invited to sit in the lounge.  For the next hour the conversation was mainly about me, though they didn't directly include me in the conversation except when Julie asked Mistress specific questions.

How long had this been going on?  Did I enjoy it? Did Mistress Denise enjoy it?  Where did my clothes come from?  Who chose them? What outfits had I got? Did I have feminine underwear?  Was I punished if I was disobedient?  

I answered when I was told to by Mistress.  Yes, I confessed I did enjoy my subservient role.  When Mistress Denise ordered it I lifted my dress to show Julie my pretty underskirt, then lifted that to show her my suspenders and knickers – at that point she did stifle a giggle.  Yes, Mistress did punish me, I was spanked quite frequently (but I sort-of forgot to mention the cane).

I prepared and served them dinner with wine, and spend the rest of the evening “out of the way” as my superiors conversed and joked.  Around 10pm I was informed that the ladies were retiring for the night, and not to disturb then until early morning tea at 8am.  Julie and Mistress Denise both went to her bedroom and I belatedly realised why my Mistress had not required my attention to her needs so often – Julie was providing that service...  

Part of me wanted to listen at the bedroom door but that would have certainly merited a caning if I'd been discovered – probably from both ladies.  In any event such an action would have been disrespectful to my Mistress and not in keeping with my subservient role.  I rose at 7am and dressed, as I didn't think it appropriate to serve early morning tea in my own nightdress and housecoat.  At 8am I knocked on the bedroom door was told (by Julie, as it happened) to enter.  The ladies were sat up in bed together...

That really completes my transition, from “Donald, husband of Denise” to “Millicent, servant of Mistress Denise and her lover Julie”.  I am fully content in my role serving my beautiful Mistress and her friend.  I try my best to be obedient and respectful, but inevitably I am punished from time to time.  Mistress canes me for serious infractions, though only a few times a year, and spanks me across her knee with my own slipper for lesser misbehaviour.  Julie contents herself with observing, though she did cane me once, with Mistress Denise's approval, for spilling a drink on her skirt when serving it and she has also smacked my legs on a couple of occasions.

One quite important (to me) item – as Mistress Denise no longer required me to attend to her needs this left me with the question of my own relief.  I didn't dare ask Mistress, because that would have certainly been impertinent, but I am glad to say that she realised this and allows me relief at her discretion.  Every few weeks she takes me in her hand and holds me until I go over the edge.

With the lockdown earlier this year I took the opportunity to move into semi-retirement from my work, so I rarely need male attire.  Mistress Denise still permitted me to go to the rugby in male clothes, suitably long-leg-pantie-girdled of course, though there hasn't been any for nearly a year now.  In fact, as I write these words I believe I have been in skirts constantly for about the last 8 weeks and I’m happy for that to continue without time limit.  I enjoy having new clothes – I am a girlie now of course – and I am grateful when Mistress Denise shows her love of me by administering discipline when it is necessary.  I think I am a contented sissy.

(Words checked by Mistress Denise and approved)

(01-09-2021, 10:31 AM)Ali Wrote: This is a lovely tale. I can’t wait to hear what happens next. I wonder if she felt it would be appropriate for your to have a schoolgirl uniform to wear when you’re receiving the cane.

As you see from the next part of my story a schoolgirl uniform did not come into it. But I would very much like one, so I asked Mistress Denise if I might have a navy blue gymslip, blazer, beret and black school shoes. I already have the necessary black seamed stockings and underwear of course. Mistress agreed and has already ordered me a uniform off the internet. I was caned as a naughty schoolboy many years ago, now I suspect I will be caned as a naughty schoolgirl...

Ali, please accept my apologies.  I forgot to curtsey to you before replying, I expect I was just excited about having my own schoolgirl uniform

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