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Hello everybody
I’m Millicent and I've been a submissive to Mistress Denise for several years now.

I’m regularly made to dress in ladies clothing and if I’m disobedient, or inappropriately dressed then Mistress Denise chastises me soundly.

My mistress has given me permission to post on this site and I thought it would be nice of I told everybody the story of how a married couple, Denise and Donald, became Mistress Denise and her subservient maidservant Millicent
Welcome Millicent, it's always nice to see new faces here (or at least screen names), especially when they bring their stories, observations and questions to the forum. You sound like one lucky sissy, indeed! We are happy that Mistress Denise has given you permission to participate.
Welcome aboard, Millicent. You have clearly been a good submissive to be honoured with such privilege. I hope to engage you in discussion on some of the many topics opened on here regularly, and perhaps learn more about your submissive experiences  Wink
Thank you for your welcome, GinaV and Girlygirl.

Firstly Mistress Denise has instructed me to curtsey to you both and while you can't see this I can assure you it was done to Mistress Denise’s high standards

I have been instructed to write of my transformation from Donald to Millicent in the Female-Led Relationships forum, and no doubt Mistress will carefully check my words and punish me for anything inappropriate
You’re most welcome, Millicent - glad to see Mistress Denise is keeping you in check; I shall look forward to reading your account.
Welcome Milicent, a lovely name, nice to meet you, kudus to Your mistress for developing you and allowing you participate here.

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