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12 Days of Christmas Day 2
Day 2

When he woke up he was feeling very refreshed. He looked at his clock. Past 9 o'clock? He had slept for over 12 hours. He felt great. 
After quickly visiting the bathroom, he checked his face - wow, that moisturiser really works! - and went back to bed for his third tape. 

Almost as soon as he put the tape on and heard the sound of the waves, and the women's voices, he fell asleep. When he woke up, he was bursting with energy. He felt aroused. He took off his pyjamas, and stood in front of the mirror, and looked at himself critically. He was so hairy! He looked at his semi erect male organ with a little distaste. 'God, men are so ugly' he thought ‘and I’m so big! and hairy! I really don’t know how she puts up with me.'

He walked naked though to the sitting room, and knelt in front of the Czech dresser. Feeling foolish, he licked the nubbin of the second box. After a longer pause, one, two, it clicked open. 

Inside, was a large medical jar and a note. 'Happy Second Day of Christmas. It’s important to stay healthy. This jar contains Vitamin XX, which will have very beneficial effects when combined with the right diet. It comes in suppository form, which should be taken twice a day, yellow in the morning and pink at bedtime. All part of your 'Little Happiness Program'. 

His first reaction was incredulity. ‘I’m not taking that' he thought. Just at that moment the phone rang. It was her. 'Hello darling. How are you? Are you missing me? Are you enjoying your present? I’m sooo glad you’re taking the Little Happiness Program. It pleases me so much'. He could hear the sound of another woman's voice in the background, chatting away, giggling. 'Gotta go, sweetie. Be a good boy'. 

Oh! He had wanted to chat more with her, but he knew she was busy. It was so inconvenient that her Woman’s Empowerment conference was happening over Christmas. But he knew it was important to her, and he did want to please her, and she couldn’t turn down a paid trip to Barbados, could she?

He reached for the pill bottle and went to the bathroom. Why had he been so cross? Anyway it didn’t matter, it pleased her, that’s the important thing. Feeling rather embarrassed, he bent over the bathtub, and eased the surprisingly large suppository past his anus. 

Realising that he was hungry, he put on a silk robe and went to the kitchen. He picked out the packet of bacon that he hadn’t thrown out the day before and started to cook it. Unfortunately, the smell of the frying bacon, normally his favourite start to the day, made him feel sick. He turned off the pan, threw all the bacon away, and reached for a soy yoghurt instead. She would be happy!

As he sat on the kitchen stool, he felt the suppository inside him. Not an entirely unpleasant sensation. Actually, he started to feel somewhat aroused. Putting down his finished yoghurt, he drifted into the sitting room, and put on the television. 

As it was a company flat, the tv was linked to her employers cable channel, GWorld. Although this gave access to most tv stations, it had very stringent ‘blocking' capabilities, and she had obviously set it to GWorld content only. Fair enough, they were a good employer, and she was definitely on the fast track. 

He turned to the 'romance' channel and immediately was shown some very high quality film called 'What Women Really Want', which had two very beautiful Women kissing and touching each other. Both were clothed. He watched it for a while, and enjoyed it, but then changed to 'adult'.

This time he was directed to another high quality film called 'Her Favourite Position'. It started with a camera shot of very haughty and beautiful Woman’s face. As it panned away, he could see her Edwardian style clothing, barely concealing an impressive bust. She was sitting on something, and appeared to be making gentle riding movements. 

As the camera panned away further, it revealed that there was somebody under her voluminous skirts. She was sitting on his face, and riding to her own pleasure. Very little seemed to happen, except an occasional twitch of pleasure crossing her heavily made up and severe face, or a muffled sound from below her, but the soundtrack consisted of the moans of increasingly orgasmic Woman. 

Although nothing much happened, the soundtrack reminded him of the 12 days of Christmas tape. He found that he was getting sexually excited, but decided that he should wait before pleasuring himself. 

He was feeling a little woozy, and he reluctantly turned off the screen. To his horror he saw that he had leaked some of his suppository onto the sofa. He rushed to clean himself up, and the seat of the sofa. Having started to clean, he thought that he had better continue cleaning around the apartment. He put on the apron. 

Pausing only to eat some alfalfa sprouts and a sesame donut, he spent the next two hours cleaning. Despite the work he had done yesterday, he was surprised how much dirt he found, and also at the pleasure he had in thinking of how much she would like the cleanliness of the apartment when she returned. He still felt a little excited and a bit woozy, although it was too early for his night tape.

Thinking how watching a bit of sport would keep him occupied, he returned to the tv. GWorld didn’t seem to have any football or cricket, so he watched some Women's weightlifting, astonished at the power and strength of the competitors. After this, the next program was beach volleyball. He was entranced by the beauty of the fit young Women in their tight outfits, their determination and the physical enthusiasm that they displayed to their partners and opponents with each point scored. 

After the program was finished he had a shower, and inserted the pink vitamin pill, trying hard to stop the remnants of the morning's pill from leaking. Just then the phone rang. 

'Hi honey! How are you doing? Are you enjoying the 'Little Happiness Program?' Her voice crackled over the line from Barbados. 'Oh darling, I’m missing you. I cleaned the flat very thoroughly. You’ll be so proud'. 
'Oh you are a good boy. I hope you are eating properly'. 

He could hear her talking to someone ‘he’s cleaned the flat. Such a good boy'. 

'Who's that?'  he asked, suddenly feeling anxious. 'Oh that’s just Julia. She’s my roommate for the conference. You’ll love her! Oh sweetie, don’t let your laundry pile up, and there’s some of mine in my basket, if you have the time'.

'Darling can you unblock the cable - there’s something I want to watch?' he asked, but the line had already cut off. 

Nothing wrong with an early night, he thought, and remembering to put in his ear buds and turn in the fourth podcast, he went to bed. 
It’s only day 2 and already there is a substantial difference to where he started (all of it for the better). I can’t wait to see where another nine days will leave him.

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