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New story 12 Days of Christmas Day 1
Day 1
Her voice on the answering machine. 'Oh honey, in the run up to Christmas I bought you this vintage advent calendar from somewhere called OWK. In Czechia. Won’t it be fun. It’s has a different present inside for each day! And you can think of me every day over Christmas while I’m away.'

He looked across at the previously bare wall. There was an extremely ornate walnut dresser, which had 12 box like drawers. The front of each box had a complicated carved design, with what looked like a female torso and the top of her legs, in a corset. In the centre of the design was a number, and between the legs was a small button. 

'Go on, sweetie, find number 1, and press the button to open. It’s the first day of Christmas, after all. Love you!' The message stopped. 

He reached over and pressed the button. Nothing happened. He pressed harder. Still nothing. 'It’s broken!'  'Maybe I need to be gentler'. With an exasperated sigh, he tried stroking the button instead of pressing it. Still no joy. 

'Wait, I’ve got the instructions here. Here we go. Yes “lick moisture activated button to open compartment”.'

Feeling like an idiot, he wiped the front of box 1 with his handkerchief and knelt to lick the tiny button. A moment later there was a click and the compartment opened. 

Inside there was an iPod, earbuds and a card. The card said 'Happy First Day of Christmas. This iPod is loaded with a twelve day  'A Little Happiness Course', and relates to your Twelve Days of Christmas OWK gift. For best effects, we recommend that each day you listen to your iPod for an hour in the morning when you wake up, and an hour at night before you go to sleep. Two hours a day for 12 days. It’s worth it - it’ll change your life!'

He had only just got out of bed, and was in the silk pyjamas she had given him for his birthday. Following the instructions he went back to bed, put in the ear buds and started to listen to the tape.

The sounds on the iPod were very relaxing. Water gently flowed in the background, a pulse like a heartbeat throbbed, while a faintly accented voice (Czech?) murmured a soothing message. As the tape wound on, he began to feel more and more sleepy. He vaguely noticed the speed of the pulse increasing, and a second voice behind the first, saying other messages. 

When he woke he felt extremely refreshed. He was hungry, so walked to the kitchen. She had left him a full fridge before she left for her trip, and he fixed himself lunch. 

He found that he didn’t feel like his normal meal, so he quickly brewed up a miso soup with a slice of flax bread, and had a sesame doughnut for dessert. Without really asking himself why, he threw out the meat from the fridge. 'Better to be a healthy boy' he thought to himself. 

His work had closed for the vacation, so he thought he had better tidy up the flat. He took off his pyjamas, and on a whim put on her apron and nothing else. He decided to spend the afternoon cleaning, and set out to do a more thorough job than his usual cursory flick round with a vacuum.  

He started with the bathroom, and cleaned it thoroughly; behind every corner and in every crevice. As he uncovered tiny pieces of previously undisturbed grime, he thought to himself 'she'll be very pleased with me'. 

After the bathroom he then cleaned the kitchen and living room. He found himself surprised at how much pleasure he derived from doing it properly, thinking constantly about how pleased she would be, and feeling embarrassed at how little pride he had taken before in such important work. 

By the time he had cleaned the study and the hall, he was surprised that it was so late - eight o clock - and thought that he probably should get an early night if he was to listen to the second podcast. 

After a quick shower and tooth brush, he looked at his masculine face in the mirror. 'My skin is looking very rough' he thought. 'She’s  always saying how important it is to moisturise'. So saying, he dipped his fingers into her moisturiser jar, and spent a few minutes massaging it into his face. 

Feeling that she would be very pleased with him, he put on his silk pyjamas, and headed for bed, remembering to put in the ear buds and press play for the second tape. 

It was very similar to the morning's tape. He became aware of a third female voice, although she wasn’t saying anything, just moaning gently. He found that he was feeling slightly aroused, but after the exertions of the day, he allowed himself to be gently lulled to sleep.  
Very good day 1. Looking forward to reading the rest.
A great first day; I am sensing already that he is going to be quite the changed man by the end of the 12 days.  Big Grin
I think you may be right, GG. Day 2 to follow tomorrow...please like if you like!

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