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His Sister's Clothes
It sounds like Danielle might soon be introduced to her first proper superior. Ballet lessons will be a lovely experience for her though and yet another really girly adventure to add to the collection.
The strict dance teacher is just what he needs. If Danielle wears the especially lovely Tutu in the poster, it will definitely be a huge thrill, maybe have him work up to that dress.
Clarissa introduced Kay to Miss Landers so Danny could be enrolled in Ballet. Miss Landers, an elegant older woman, said she had an opening and would have her assistant, Natasha, take care of things. Natasha, was a young Russian girl who, it turns out, was managing all new students. She was very stunning with her raven black hair and had performed for the National Russian Ballet. Kay explained the situation to Natasha and with a few white lies, was able to get Danny an interview. She conveniently left out the part that she secretly wanted to embarrass Danny. 

When Natasha met Danielle, she wasn't fazed by the fact that Danielle was actually a boy, she was actually pleased at how pretty and petite he was. She thought to herself, a Russian boy would never do something like this. She immediately saw Danny as being weak and a sissy. She agreed his mother was doing the right thing as he could never grow up to be a real man, anyway.

Natasha leaned over Danielle and said in a strong Russian accent, "If you want to be ballerina, you will not question my training." "Understood?" She asked with full authority. Danny nodded. He felt nervous. She was beautiful but so forceful. "You will present yourself with grace, with proper respect. You become beautiful ballerina, if you obey." She added sternly. "I want to hear you say, Yes Miss Natasha. Say it now, Miss Danielle!" She commanded. Danny replied meekly, "Yes, Miss Natasha." "Good gurl. It is all I want to hear," she concluded. "Now go!" She commanded with a wave of her hand, dismissing Danny. Danny walked to the door, his mind racing, as Natasha folded her arms and thought how fun it was going to be to have a little sissy to train in the way she knew a sissy should be trained.

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Miss Landers seems like just the sort of dominant female Danielle would be well advised to become well acquainted with if she is to fulfil her potential as a sissy. And on the journey to becoming a ballerina, she will no doubt be able to teach Danielle a whole range of ‘other’ skills.  Wink
Omg I find I too could not resist doing what Natasha instructs.

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