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His Sister's Clothes
Michaela, I loved reading Danielle and Clarissa. It’s fun for her too. Girlygirl, I completely agree with you also in your reply.
Danny watched with wide eyes as his mother helped his sister get prepared for her prom. He couldn't help but to sneak peeks as she sat in her panties and bra, with her hair in rollers, as his mother painted her nails. After she put on her gown and had her hair pinned up in a curly updo, Clarissa modeled for Danny. She knew he was yearning to be dressed just like her. It was written all over his face. She loved teasing him.

Since his mother would be one of the adult chaperones at the prom, Danny would have the house to himself. Soon, they were gone. Not wanting to break Clarissa's rule about wearing her things, Danny ventured into his mother's closet. It was a treasure trove of femininity. He spotted a formal gown and just had to try it on.

Soon, Danny was dressed in his own prom attire. He posed in front of the mirror, his heart racing with excitement. If only his hair was longer, he thought. How nice it would feel to have his hair curled and pinned up like his sister's. Danny wanted his hair long. He wanted it to be set in rollers. The more he dressed up, the more his desires just seemed to grow.

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Danny’s looking gorgeous there. It is naughty really and he should ask for his own clothes but it is a big step to take and worth building up to. 

In the meantime who can blame him for embracing his guilty pleasure  Wink
Danny is a naughty sissy but sure makes a good gurl.
Danny's mother was invited to a wedding and went into her closet to select a dress. She noticed a few things out of order and not hung the right way. She immediately went to Clarissa to complain about wearing her things. "It wasn't me," Clarissa said grinning. "It must have been your other daughter," she added, now laughing. "You mean Danny?" She asked, shocked. "I mean sissy Danielle." Clarissa answered, with an evil grin. Danny's mother's eyes and mouth grew wide, "I should have suspected, he's always been such a delicate boy, not like others." "Well, I promised to keep his secret, but now you know." "He even told me he wanted to grow his hair long and asked if I could teach him how to set his hair in rollers." "I have to admit, he does look pretty as a girl." Clarissa said with a smirk, wondering what would happen now.  

Danny's mother thought for a while and decided she would have to confront Danny. She wasn't necessarily happy about this revelation. Maybe she would make him dress up and take him out to embarrass him. Maybe that would put a stop to it. Maybe she could even take him to her salon and have his hair set in front of others. That might teach him a lesson. First, she wanted to see Danny dressed up. She was curious.

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Maybe he’ll be getting some of his own clothes after all - he’s certainly been blessed with an opportunity he was seemingly too nervous (yet quite able) to create for himself  Big Grin
Danny got a stern scolding from his mother. She didn't appreciate him sneaking around behind her and his sisters back and trying on their clothes. She told him if he liked it so much he would start wearing girl clothes around the house all the time. He was shocked to hear her say that. She added that its not so easy being pretty all the time and he'd soon find out. She then said his sister Clarissa had confessed that she was having him do all her chores to keep his secret. "Well," she added, "The secret is out, so as punishment for sneaking around, you'll be doing all the household chores from now on. Dressed appropriately as Danielle, of course." She was sure he would eventually beg to go back to being a boy.

The next day, Danny received his very own makeup and hair rollers and told he would practice on the weekends. She even gave him some of her hair extensions since she knew he wanted long hair. He also received an assortment of his mother's old clothing; some panties, bras, and nylons, as well as a few dresses, blouses and skirts and a few pairs of high heels. He put them in the closet next to what Clarissa had given him. Danny also got a full bibbed apron with ruffled trim to wear when doing housework. His mother even gave him a scarf to put over his hair rollers when doing housework. His mother told him he would spend the weekends dressed as a girl and be referred to as Danielle. Danny had mixed emotions. He knew it was all to punish him, but at the same time, he looked forward to it. His mother felt confident she would break him of this "phase" he was going through. She would push him hard. It would be embarrassing for him but it was for his own good.

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On the upside he has managed to earn his own stuff. He has now found himself with a lot more work though and presumably will have a lot less choice in what he wears - but then he might learn something about what being a sissy is really about.  Wink
What fun! Luv the image of the sissy "practicing!" Would luv to have been in his/ "shoes" at that age, but i've been making up for lost time now.
After spending two weekends as Danielle, Danny's mother didn't see his interest in dressing up diminishing. In contrast, he seemed to be quite content doing the housework dressed as Danielle. She spoke to her stylist and explained the situation hoping to arrange an embarrassing trip to the salon. They agreed on a Friday afternoon appointment, the busiest time of the week.

On Friday, Danny accompanied his mother, as Danielle, on a trip to the salon. "Hello Kay," her stylist Maggie said while greeting her. "This must be Danielle." She said smiling at Danny. "Yes, Maggie. I think Danielle is ready to experience "her" first salon visit." Danny was wide eyed as he looked around at a salon full of women. Danny was led to the shampoo basins. He took a seat and then was caped. Having his hair shampooed felt nice to him, just as he always dreamed. After the shampoo and conditioning, he was led to Maggie's station. Kay looked on from a distance, studying Danny's reactions. She looked for some signs of fright but didn't see any. Just a little nervousness. Before long, Maggie and Danny were chatting as she set his hair in rollers. Maggie looked around the salon. No one seemed to be paying much attention. Her plan wasn't working. 

After his hair was set, Danny was escorted to the dryer stations and placed under a dryer, then handed some women's magazines. Danny crossed his legs, lady like, and got comfortable. Kay went to talk to Maggie. Maggie said he didn't look like a boy dressed in girl's clothes. He looked like a girl so no one was really noticing. Kay was wondering how she could embarrass him.

When Danny was done under the dryer, he was led back to the chair and Maggie then did his makeup. As he progressed, the transformation took hold and Danielle was now looking very pretty. Danny was shocked when he saw the finished product. Was that really him? But then, he just slowly smiled. His mother now had mixed emotions. In one sense disappointed but in a funny way, somewhat pleased. He at least looked pretty, even though she didn't really like the whole crossdressing thing.

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