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I was sorting through the laundry, in order to put it away in right closets when mother walked up behind me and said “Inspection in 20 minutes, my room.”

“Yes ma’am.” I curtsied affirmatively.

I finish stacking the laundry and first put away my stuff, and then her stuff in her closet (more efficient that way) and just stood in the corner in her room and waited.

“Turn around and come here.” she said, and wordlessly started looking me over. The fit of my apron. The skirt. “You have a frayed seam here, repair it in the afternoon.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Now, start taking off the outer layer.”

On that command I started stripping. The rest of inspection came up with nothing special until I was completely naked.

“I suspected as much. Hairs in your butt crack have grown.” she said when looking in. “So did the pubic hair …well, at least your balls are nice and swollen.” she said, squeezing them a bit.

“Ah, good.” she said looking at my somewhat pained reaction.

“Anyway, these will need to be removed. I’ll take your chastity belt off to get all of them easily.” she said giving me a look of warning.

I gulped, the way I am, I’m going to get an erection; and erections are always punished. No excuses.

Erections are considered an insult to women and are thus inexcusable. I even get punished when I’m allowed to masturbate. It’s been a definite motivator for me to embrace chastity.

She removed my chastity device. My penis got erect pretty quickly once outside, so she put her fingers above and below the glans and squeezed the erection down. It’s an old method to bring down an erection quickly.

She picked up an epilator and had me kneel on the bed. She pretty quickly plucked out all the hairs in or around my butt crack. I honestly wasn’t sure if it hurt or tickled more, though it did hurt when she went over it with the alcohol wipe.

Next she had me stand and she saw my second erection (this is going to be extra painful), which she squeezed down as per usual.

“Funny noises you make.” she said as she removed the hair from my pubic region.

“Yes ma’am.”

The pain from the alcohol wipes caused me to start getting erect again, so she headed that off with the squeeze before she quickly put the chastity device back on.

“Do we count that as an erection?” she asked. I hoped that she was being generous, but, this could also be a trap to catch me if I’m unweary and defiant.

“Yes ma’am, there are no excuses for an erection, and this was one.” I answered. Safer in the long run.

She looked me in the eyes and nodded, giving me a quick peck on the cheek. “Good answer.”

I got into position on the bed without any orders while she grabbed the stingy cane. I always hated that cane. That’s what made it a punishment. It would always be 6 of the best, per erection…

Again, this is purely a work of fiction. Did not actually happen. For real.
Controlling his erections is obviously an art that he is still to master. Heartening though that he knows what is expected of him and he does seem genuinely to be trying  Big Grin

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