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The Doctors Assistant
The next day started off just as normal as any other day. When I got too work my managers didn’t say anything out of the ordinary and I was given the same assignment as yesterday. I was hoping that everything would go back to normal. Even though yesterday was highly erotic for me I was nervous and wanted it too stop as I did work here. My day went by as normal as it usual would but that stop at about halfway through my day. As I was approached by Dr. Florence and another doctor I had never seen before. “Dr. Summers this is the young man I was telling you about! The boot polisher!” My heart dropped as I heard her words. Both the young pretty female doctors smirked at me. “So he polishes your boots?” “Yup and he does it for free! He polished mine and Dr. Quartz boots yesterday. It looks like those Hunter rain boots of yours could use a shining.” “Omg you’re right! In fact most of my boots could use a polish!” “Well then how about today you come by my suite at around 3:30 and you will get your polish.” “That’s a great idea!” “Good I’ll see you then!”

With that Dr. Summers walked away which left me alone with Dr. Florence. “We’ll look at you you’re becoming a bit of a celebrity around the hospital.” Dr. Florence you can’t just go around telling people I will polish there boots. “Ha! I can do whatever I want! Besides you have too listen too me! I’m your superior after all!”
Now they’re all getting in on the act it must only be a matter of time before a formal change to his job description    Wink And of course with so many in on the act, it is only a matter of time before they start sharing some of their more ‘radical’ ideas.  Big Grin
I didn’t have too listen too Dr. Florence! I stood at the punch out clock with my jacket on. I wasn’t going to suite 308 to polish boots! I was going home! What’s the worst thing that they could do to me? My adrenaline was running high as I swiped my card and left the hospital, but shortly after leaving anxiety began to kick in. Could I get in trouble? Could Dr. Florence and Dr. Quartz make life difficult for me? I was starting to worry a lot that night and was kicking myself for doing what I did. Although I couldn’t become the hospital boot polisher could I? I laid in bed that night and my fantasy’s began to swirl around in my head. In my fantasy I was declared the hospital boot polisher and female doctors all came to suite 308 too have their boots polished. Eventually I was made too dress like them while at work. Outside of work however I became Dr. Quartz sissy maid and I waited on her hand in foot while wearing sissy princess dresses. From then on I served her and her friends at many parties. Eventually it all became too much and my load exploded and I was left wondering what would happen tomorrow.

The next day when I arrived at work I arrived with shock. My assignment for the day read suite 308 and my heart dropped I asked my manager why I was assigned there. “They requested a personal housekeeper for the day. I think that they are having some sort of party. Either way they requested you personally apparently you did Dr. Quartz a favor the other day. Regardless they need you and you should head up their right away.”
‘Some sort of party’ could be a metaphor for all kinds of activity. A fun day (for the doctors - not necessarily Nick) would seem to be in store. And given his dream, his resistance is already crumbling and he hasn’t actually succumbed to any consequence as yet.
I didn’t know what was going to happen as I walked up to suite 308. Just what was waiting for me? I knew that I was i trouble though. I shouldn’t have done what I did yesterday, but it had too be known that I wasn’t going to be polishing boots for every female doctor at the hospital, or did I dig myself a hole? I walked into suite 308 too find Dr. Quartz, Dr. Florence, Dr. Summers and other various female doctors. They all had on different outfits but regardless they all had on black leggings and various boots. Most of which were knee high boots. Some were black some were brown and some had on Hunter rain boots which were a verity of colors. “So you think you can disobey Doctors orders? We waited an hour for you too show up and you never did. So, what’s the excuse?” I couldn’t think of one and I knew that I didn’t have one. “No excuse? Nothing at all?” No Dr. Florence I said. “What do you think Dr Quartz?” “Well for one thing you can’t ever disobey doctors orders. Especially a female doctors orders. So today you will be polishing boots. A lot of boots. Understand?” Well Dr. Quartz I don’t think I can’t just polish boots all day. “You can and you will. You are our boot bitch now.”

Her words echoed on my head. Boot bitch. They were extremely erotic. “You will start with Dr. Summers and the rest of us will be filtering out through out the day.” All of them left the suite expect Dr. Summers. “You can’t escape this now! It’s time to polish. I expect my boots to be as glossy as the day I bought them.” I got on my knees in front of the supplies and she walked up to me. “I think I’ll stand for this.” She stood in front of me as I got too work. “I bet you love this!”
‘Boots Bitch’ - what a brilliant job title  Big Grin A full day of polishing boots will be quite strenuous work in reality though and will no doubt soften him up for whatever else they have planned.
I don’t like this at all Dr. Summers! I think that this is a complete abuse of your power! “Oh I don’t know I bet that you do like this, but I do find it interesting that you do admit that I have power. Tell me why do I have power?” Well you are a doctor. “Well I’m not just a doctor I’m a female doctor, which means that I have substantial power. Especially over little boot bitches like yourself. Tell me that I have power!” I’m not going to do that Dr. Summers I’m just going to polish your boots. “Fine I guess I’ll call your managers and tell them that you’re not doing anything that we ask. I’m sure you can’t afford to loose this job can you?” She was right. I couldn’t afford too loose this job. You have power Dr. Summers I said. “Good now call yourself a boot bitch.” This was so humiliating I thought to myself but I said it anyway. I’m a boot bitch! “Hahah! Yes you are! The hospital boot bitch. I’m sure it’s not just the boot though is it?”

What do you mean? “Well it just can’t be the boots. Is it how pretty we are?” She looked for my reaction then pressed on. “No it’s not just that. Is it because we are in a position of power?” She looked at me again and my face reddened a tad. “Oh I think it’s partly that but let not stop there. Is it our outfits? Our leggings? Our sweaters? The pairing of all of them? Are you a sissy?” Face turned completely red and I put my head down more as I continued too work. “Oh that's it! You’re not just a boot bitch, you’re a sissy boot bitch!” Dr. Summers hit the nail right on the head. I was a sissy boot bitch. You’re right! I love your outfits! I couldn’t help but say it as my penis throbbed in my pants. “That’s wonderful! What do you like about them?” I like how the boots match perfectly with the leggings, and the tops that you chose. “Do you want to wear these outfits? Do you wish that you were one of us?” Yea I could wear those outfits and be one of you! “Well you never will be!”
Now we’re getting to the crunch  Big Grin Not only is he under their complete control but I see a serious wardrobe upgrade in his not too distant future (and he’s already admitted that it’s what he wants).  Wink
Lovely, I don’t think he’ll get exactly what he wants yet but something equally nice Smile
Dr. Quartz then came into the office after Dr. Summers left. “Well I just learned a secret about you from my colleague. Not only are you a boot bitch but your a sissy boot bitch!” I looked down at her boots and said yes I am Dr. Quartz. “Say it!” I’m a sissy boot bitch I said. “Yes you are! Our sissy boot bitch. Every female doctor in the hospital will know that your our sissy boot bitch. We will all come to suite 308 too get our boots polished as well as other things. Hell I bet they well even come from different hospitals once word get out.” But Dr. Quartz I can’t just stay in suite 308 I have a job. “Oh don’t worry I have that all covered. Later today you will apply for the open position to be my assistant. I will interview you and you will get the job and then you will give your notice to your department!” Omg Dr. Quartz I don’t know what too say. “You say thank you for letting me become your sissy boot bitch.” Thank you for letting me become your sissy boot bitch.

Dr. Quartz began to laugh and the Dr. Florence came into the office. “Did he agree?” “Like he has a choice! He knows what his life is now!” “Shall we conduct the interview now?” “We might as well!”

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