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Radical Feminist - Femtopia Womanifesto
Indeed, it is not that males and females are the same per se (indeed, if they were exactly the same it wouldn’t be a gender related issue) but rather that it is the male specific differences that are for the most part causing the world’s problems while (in comparison at least) the effect of feminine behaviour on our planet is benign if not beneficial. 

The challenge is instilling this feminine behaviour in our male population which is what Rad Fem and others like her are working to achieve.
Great points by Mistress Scarlet and Bonzodoug. I would agree toxic masculinity goes beyond the nature vs nurture debate. It is a much more complex problem to solve than giving boys dolls or dress them in pink. I firmly believe there is an evolution element that no one ever talks about, for centuries males had to go out and hunt, and boys were groomed to replace their fathers right from the start. Women and girls were more focused on cooking the food the males hunted. This function of society caused women and males to evolve socially differently. Men would hunt in small packs we a strict hierarchy leadership tree, while women would work in a more collaborative larger group. Once society evolved from pure hunters to city life the males took their pack approach to the cooperate world. As society grew males forced all levels of society to work the same way. During this time, women started to lose power, instead of being a powerful force, males forced women into the home fulltime and tried to isolate them from collaborating. In many tribal-based societies that still exist today women have equal or more power than the males. The point, I try to make here is that males require a strict hierarchical-based structure, while women thieve in a more open collaborated structure. I believe the future of society, we need to switch the structure back to the female collaborated focus and break down the male hierarchal structure.
You make a very valid point - there is no question that a great deal of our behaviour revolves around the evolutionary need to survive - as whilst we feel that we are now elevated from the rest of the animal kingdom in that respect, in evolutionary terms this is still a very recent event - for most of human history we were Hunter gatherers. 

The fact that we are essentially removed from the animal kingdom means that we do need to alter the way that we approach things, not only because the old methods are now unnecessary but because through such means as climate change and war, they have shown themselves to be detrimental to human interest going forward. 

All this said, there is strong evidence that newer generations of males are taking a different of view of things and rather than trying to be dominant or superior do want to be prissy and feminine (and peaceful) as evidenced by the many members of this forum. The main obstacle at the minute is the pressure exerted by the elders who were born before such a change in our society to maintain the status quo, so there is good reason to expect that over the course of the coming decades as these elders get fewer and fewer, that society will become more and more the way that humanity needs it to be. 

Far better that instead of being interesting in dominance through aggression or riches, that males become more concerned with working towards the very stark problems that humanity really needs to be aware of and to gain a stranglehold of. 

And what could be less harmful than a society in which a man’s main concern is whether the pink stilettos he bought last week match his new dress?  Wink It will give us chance to try and reverse the damage already done if nothing else.

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