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Play Date Part Two
The train journey went by in a flash and before he knew it he was outside the station hailing a cab. He'd googled the address the night before and had been relieved to see they'd be meeting in a modern, well kept apartment block and not some run down area of town. The cab driver tried making small talk but his mind was elsewhere and the short journey passed in silence. They turned a corner and he saw the apartments up ahead "this is it ' he thought and, as he paid the driver, he fought to contain the rising tide of fear and excitement that was coursing through him.
He pressed the intercom and the door to the block buzzed open almost instantly " he must have been watching for me arriving" he thought and felt his excitement rise again. Taking the lift up he emerged on the third floor and walked down the carpeted corridor until he came to the flat he was looking for. The door was ajar so he knocked lightly and entered. On a table in the hall there was a note

'Hello Jessica, I'm so glad you finally came round to play. I'm already dressed and waiting for you in the bedroom down the hall. If you'd like to use the spare room to get ready, I'll see you soon'

He stepped into the small spare room and began to get ready. With shaking hands he quickly stripped and began his transformation. As he slid his favourite pink satin frilly knickers on he felt that electric thrill of satin on freshly shaved skin. He'd shaved everywhere last night as he rolled his white stockings up his legs he could feel himself changing more and more into Jessica, Satin Jessie. There were no thoughts now of backing out, this was definitely going to happen. He stepped into his triple layered petticoat followed by the short pink satin dress. With its puff sleeves, Peter Pan collar and massive bow at the back it looked like the sort of thing a three year old might wear to a birthday party, exactly the sort of look Jessica loved. Once her Mary Jane's were on all that was left the wig, a short simple Bob, another massive bow, this time in the hair, and some pink lipstick to match her dress. 
He looked in the mirror to check his frilly knickers weren't quite showing then, almost in a trance, he walked down the hall towards the main bedroom. 
Knocking gently he slowly opened the door and all his dreams came true. 
His new friend smiled as he entered the room. "Hello Jessica, I'm Amanda. I'm so pleased to finally meet you" she said as she  curtsied showing of her pretty yellow dress and petticoats. "Hello Amanda, its lovely to meet you too. Your dress is so pretty" he stammerd as he gazed longingly at the satin wonder in front of his eyes. "Your's is really pretty too Jessica, give me a twirl". He felt that familiar thrill as a he twirled around, feeling the petticoats raise, knowing his knickers would be showing. "Nice knickers Jessie" giggled Amanda "would you like to see mine" she asked as she began to twirl. Before long they were both in fits of giggles and having to hold each other up, both were dizzy from all the spinning. Something unsaid passed between them and soon they were kissing on the bed. Their hands stroked and caressed, the satin and lace feeling so good to the touch. Who knew where this was going to end up, little did either of them know that this was just the beginning... 

If anyone is interested I'll tell you what happens next soon xx
I can’t wait to hear more, Jessie but it has to be said that so far it is everything a sissy could ever expect from a playdate (and more).  Big Grin
(12-26-2020, 09:59 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: I can’t wait to hear more, Jessie but it has to be said that so far it is everything a sissy could ever expect from a playdate (and more).  Big Grin
Thanks Girlygirl, I'll try and post more soon. I'm glad you're enjoying it. 
It's a dream scenario for me, something I imagine happening quite often. Writing it down makes it seem a lot more real. Maybe one day x
Satin Jessie I love you wrote this out. It’s turning out to be a beautiful play date, both in the experiences and dresses. Hopefully it comes true and please do write what is to happen next.
Yes, this is a wonderful description of your fantasies and can't wait to hear more about the play date, sooo many possibilities! Two eager sissies in all their frills, overcome by girlishness.
Thanks afp and GinaV, you guys are so supportive and encouraging. I really appreciate it. Both of you have been an inspiration for me to write this story, I think we'd have a whale of a time together in all our frills.
I've a good idea what's going to happen next, I hope you'll enjoy where the story goes. I'll try and post it in the next few days.

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