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Far too masculine
A story I wrote at my Mistress's prompting. The You in the story is her!

As she says to her friends when they come round. ' Boys are such trouble. My Drew is so aggressively masculine. What on Earth should I do about it?'

Of course they all have different answers. One suggests regular beatings. Another enrolling at college to do a Gender Studies course. Another offers to help teach him how to be more sensitive and gentle.

Another has two teenage daughters, and suggests that if they come to work as his nannies he will learn to be softer.

This conversation is of course happening before he comes into the room, carrying a tray with tea on it.

He is wearing a white corset, lacy white pull up stockings, pink fluffy slippers and a pink velvet choker. Between his legs is a frilly girls sock, hiding, while somehow accentuating his male organ. 


As he goes round the room handing out a cup of tea, you cough slightly, and he remembers to curtesy to each lady. He stands still while each talks to him. He is, of course, only allowed to answer 'yes maam'.

Your friends play straight, pretending they think he is very masculine, and chiding him for not being obedient and respectful to his Mummy. One of your bolder friends reaches out to hold the prettifier, commenting on how manly it is. Your other friends are laughing by this stage.

When he has done the round, you tell him to show everyone his 'jewel'. He has to turn around in front of each lady and bend over so they can see the pink jewel on his plug.

The bold friend taps it a few times. ‘Boys are always making gas. How clever Lina is to find a way of stopping that. Stop jerking about,boy. Look me in the eyes. If you go over my knee and I stroke your bottom, will you be more docile? Mm?'

Of course it’s a trap. He bends over her knees, while she makes sure the (rather full) prettifier is firmly gripped between her thighs. She strokes his bottom while asking you for examples of his bad, masculine behaviour. You give the most absurdly mild examples of bad male behaviour.

He had a sip of his mummy’s Sherry. The ironing had a crease in one pair of your panties. He stamped his feet when you wanted him to wear a bra. You caught him standing up to pee in the bathroom. With each 'sin' your friend repeats it to him, and the stroke becomes a smack.

It is so unfair. He remembers what masculinity really involved.
To be criticised for these mildest infractions as examples of rampant male behaviour is so unfair. Cruel even.

And of course he can’t fight because he is very turned on, and is becoming very worried that he might have an accident.

But the smacks alternate with strokes. And her thighs squeeze. And she is wearing perfumes and she is whispering how he needs to be mummy’s good boy...

She starts pressing the jewel rhythmically. The accident happens. He spurts through the prettifier, all over the bold friend's legs. Horror! He is too masculine! Disgusting boy. The shame of it!
Too "masculine," indeed! Great story! Luv this theme in fiction, or was this in any way autobiographical? Either way it conjures up quite an image as the "emasculation" continues to evaporate whatever semblence of "maleness" remains.
Big Grin Goodness only knows what she would make of the average displays of masculinity from the general public; one wonders just what further methods she might employ to take him from where he is already to her version of femininity  Wink a mistress I’m sure many on here would like to be taken under in any case.

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