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Home Uniform
After arriving home from school in my teenage years, there was always a shed load of homework. Say a couple of hours worth.  To help me concentrate on my work I used to change into a comfortable home uniform.  This comprised of a white open neck blouse, white pelerine socks, frilly panties and a neat pleated wrap around grey school skirt or sometimes a plaid skirt, sometimes with Mary Jane sandals.  Sometimes for a change I wore a gingham school dress or in the winter a navy gym slip, though skirts were the norm.  

My home uniform was more or less compulsory.  However when work was completed I could change into something else if I had wanted to.  I often did not as it was perfectly comfortable.  If I did change it was a denim skirt or skirt-all (Bib denim dress). 

I would add that it was the home uniform bit that was compulsory, not the skirt.  It could have been grey shorts or trousers, but my preference was for a skirt.  Though I do concede that my mother was pleased with my choice.  Smile
I didn't have a choice. If I was being punished I'd have to do my homework in my sister's school uniform - panties, socks or tights, pleated skirt, white blouse, cardigan.
Being dressed like that would NOT have helped my concentration on homework!
(10-23-2016, 01:09 PM)nicola waring Wrote: Being dressed like that would NOT have helped my concentration on homework!

If it was a one off, or worn occasionally as a discipline etc, I might have had difficulty focusing.  However it was part of my standard wardrobe, so I was completely used to my skirts.  The idea was the outfit was smart but very comfortable. My mother just used to say pop on your home uniform have a drink and your tea then get your homework done. I used to go to my room and get changed into my skirt etc without a thought.
(10-23-2016, 01:09 PM)nicola waring Wrote: Being dressed like that would NOT have helped my concentration on homework!

That's exactly what I was thinking!
I always found it hard to concentrate when I'd been made to wear my sister's school uniform, especially if I had to wear her little gym slip, which was too short to smooth under my bottom when I sat down - so I was sitting with my knickers directly on the cold wooden chair.
I can sympathise Ali with your predicament. My position was different in that the skirts and dresses I wore were part of my own wardrobe and were standard wear, not punishment. Some of my skirts were certainly short enough for me to be sitting on the chair directly on my frilly panties. Fortunately for me it was a cushioned seat. One of my plaid skirts was so short that when seated a fair proportion of my panties were visible. This was due to thrift. The skirt fitted comfortably but I had grown quite tall but my waist size remained the same so really quite small skirts still comfortably fitted me. I was well used to this so accepted my skirts though even I thought the skirts a bit to short so it was with some relief that my mother bought some slightly longer skirts for me.
When ever I have a detention it has to be attended wearing full schoolgirl uniform and it helps a lot when I'm in school uniform and have to write lines as it reminds me I am being punished. Like you I can change back into normal clothes once my detention is over but I usually stay in my uniform until its time for bed.
Thrift, now there was something. I still wore my short plaid skirts as play clothes. The fact that they were so revealing did not seem to bother anyone.
I adore the idea of a home uniform,

I think a pretty maids uniform would be a great tool for motivatation when having to do lots of cleaning up around the house

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