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Frank Meadows was a small, timid, shy man. He worked at the city library. He loved when the female students would come to study. He was especially fond of one girl in particular. She always attracted boys and she would flirt with them. It always made him envious. She was his neighbor, Sue. Frank would frequent her house and often have coffee with her mother, listening to her complain about her daughter’s behavior. 

The mother was a bit wayward herself, frequently being absent to spend weekends with men. Frank would check in on Sue when the mother was away, often finding the house in disarray. Sue always expected someone else to pick up after her. Keeping a tidy house was important to Frank, his own house was always in order. He couldn’t help himself when checking in on Sue and would immediately begin straightening up. Sue found this intriguing and began to boss him around, even calling him by his given name, Francis. Sue even told Francis to wear an apron while straightening the house. He wanted to please her, so he did.

Things evolved and Francis began waiting on Sue, preparing her meals, cleaning her room, doing her chores. Sue became even more bratty and controlling, He performed his duties while Sue read or talked on the phone with boys. She even had him help her get ready for her dates with boys, painting her nails, ironing her clothes, brushing her hair. She loved flaunting the fact that she would be out having fun while he stayed at home. She loved seeing his reaction when she would describe her sexual activities.

One weekend, Sue asked Francis to take a bag of her mother’s old clothes for a donation to the Salvation Army. Jokingly she said he could keep some for himself, since he wasn’t a real man anyway. When Francis paused as if to think about what she had just said, she seized the opportunity and opened the bag. “Here, I’ll pick some things out,” she said as if frustrated. Rummaging through the bag, she began pulling out items, a dress, a slip, panties, bra, and finally some pumps.

She told him to put them on. He stood there, shocked. “I said, put them on,” she commanded. Francis changed in front of her, as she laughed and mocked him. He just couldn’t say no to her. “I knew they would fit,” she laughed. “You’re practically the same size as my mother.” “That dress looks like a maid dress too. Your new look suits you,” she said mocking him more.

She then plopped down on the sofa to resume reading her new book, Lolita. Francis knew the book. He knew things with Sue were going to change even more.

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He didn’t need much encouragement, did he? Never mind ‘couldn’t say no’ - ‘didn’t want to say no’ seems more likely  Wink

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