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New Social Order
(01-17-2021, 07:15 PM)Patti59 Wrote: My thoughts are that the three should go together to get junior his first bra.  Mother, dressed in her comfortable slacks and shirt would drive the two sissies.  Daddi and son would be appropriately attired in matching mini dresses with nylons and hi heels.  Full makeup, and of course, they would be carrying their matching purses.  After the fitting, Mother would Treat her sissies to an Ice Cream, at a stand that is aside a Softball field where the Girls were playing Games.  The two sissies would be put on Display for the Pleasure of all the Women.  The Rightful place for the New Age Male, Totally Feminized in a cute dress and dainty nylons and heels, while Women are Competing and taking on the Dominant and Competitive Roles!


SO PRECIOUS!   Wouldn't it be even more a statement of the new Female Led hierarchy of the sexes if some of the Them playing urged the dainty malettes who represented the acceptance of two generations of their secondary sex accepting the primacy of Women by making them offer ladylike cheers for the performance of the teams playing.   Such would surely embolden the Woen on to further acts of proving themselves in other ways being better than malette counterparts.   Also object lesson to any others watching  FEMALE or male.
There’s something so decisive about a boy being bought his first bra.

I had been punished by being made to wear my sister’s knickers, and even nappies, as a child, but being bought my first bra was somehow different. It signalled a distinct change in my punishments.

Knickers, even if they’re frilly, only replace an item of clothing a boy would normally wear. So although it’s embarrassing to be made to wear knickers, it’s not *completely* different to what a boy would wear anyway.

Even a nappy, though terribly humiliating for an older child, the boy will know that he’s worn one before, albeit when he was a baby.

But a bra! No boy ever normally wears a bra. So when he’s bought his first one, and made to put it on, he knows that he’s being subjected to something truly feminine. That feeling of the straps over his shoulders, and the stretching of the strap across his back, is something completely new, completely different, and completely girly. Once he’s had his first bra he knows things will never be the same again.
They do say that the bra is one of only two truly gender specific items of clothing (the other being the jockstrap) in which its primary purpose is rendered entirely obsolete on the opposite gender, so it is perhaps not surprising that it is so emasculating.
Tights and stockings are somewhat similar, in being quintessentially feminine. Although a boy may wear socks, even long socks, he’ll never normally wear anything which comes up over his knees, let alone his bottom, nor be quite so fine and sensuous.

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