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Hello everyone,I can't believe I found this site looks amazing 
I shall post properly thought I'd introduce myself first I'm Tina
I'm 28 and my gf of just over a year is 26 she's knows I crossdressser
but I have been dressing a long long time at my mum's and she has invited my gf to move in this was last month it's a bit complicated so like I say I will post properly look forward to chatting to you all in here
Welcome Tina! Glad you found the forum where we are free to express ourselves and learn, share and have fun. You are very fortunate to have such loving support from both Mother and Girlfriend. That relieves a huge burden that so many endure by keeping their true nature locked away (and bursting at the seams, trying to get out). We hope to hear more, and of course, we are willing to share our own experiences with you. Enjoy!
Tina, you are most welcome on the forum. It is amazing. I agree with the comment from GinaV to you.
Welcome to the forum, Tina. You have certainly found the right place. You will find members of all types of persuasion here and discussion topics to match. I hope you enjoy reading and maybe contributing yourself.
Welcome to the forum and ypur GF as well. You didn't say but did your mom start you dressing like mine did. I loved wearing dresses when I was 11 years of age. I knew i was meant to be a sissy.

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