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Xmas party
The annual sissies Xmas party had started off so well. All the girls had arrived in their best party dresses and soon the room was full of the sounds of rustling petticoats and girlish giggling. After a wonderful spread of Xmas treats, with the girls seated together at the childrens table and the Mummies and Aunties together at the high table, it was time for the party games to begin. This is where all the trouble began.
Pass the parcel ended up in a tug of war between two girls determined to get their hands on the present, both had their bottoms smacked and were sent to stand in the corner but this was mild compared to what happened during musical chairs. Two girls, Jessie and Cindy, ended up fighting over the last spare chair. There was scratching and slapping and lots of screaming and shouting as the other girls joined in, finally the Mothers and Aunts had seen enough. The chairs were rearranged in a circle with a Mummy or Auntie on each one, each with a naughty sissy across her knees. "We'll show you naughty girls how we like to play musical chairs" said someone's Mummy and with that the music started and the spanking began. Every time the music stopped each girl moved round to the next chair to receive their next dose and soon the room was echoing to the sound of smacked bottoms and sissy sobbing. 
When all the girls had been round the circle of chairs they were made to line up and watch as Jessie and Cindy, the two naughtiest girls, were bent over for six of the best with the cane from each of the Mummy's and Aunties.
All of the naughty sissies were then diapered and put to bed upstairs, properly restrained of course, as the grown ups decided to enjoy themselves with cocktails and adult conversation. Despite all the sobbing and sore bottoms if you'd asked any of the sissies all of them would have agreed that they couldn't wait for next year's Xmas party
It sounds like a lovely party. Hopefully next year though they’ll remember this and get the joys of all the  sissy games without having to succumb to such painful discipline.
Satin Jessie, that’s a well written story and lovely party. Jessie and Cindy will appreciate it more as soon as their bottoms cool down.

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