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Pageant Fame
How does a sissy cope with the recognition after winning the State Womenless Beauty Pageant competition and having their portrait exhibited in the Metropolitan Art Center? A modeling career? An actress? Marriage and becoming a trophy sissy housewife? Or, a wild slutty life? So many options and so many adventures lie ahead for a pretty sissy.

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I suppose the manner in which the sissy copes depends somewhat on whether they were previously open to their friends and neighbours  Wink But certainly plenty of opportunities for them either way.
Lovely poster again, and my gosh he put allot of work into it, so a win is well deserved. My feeling is those sissys slip into obscurity afterwards. They should embrace it to make more but instead they could all be happy housewives.
Sometimes fame is overrated and actually in the case of many sissies can be overwhelming to their sensitive natures. Those few that can handle it will be privileged in being the leading example and being part of setting trends. For the rest though, there is plenty of joy to be found in everyday femininity.
Girlygirl, you are correct. Fame would overwhelm me.
To be a member of our organization, one of the tasks of a prospective member is for someone with whom he is feminizing is to enter him in a pageant for girls. If the pre-feminzed boy like Rupert (see attachment) comes first then that prospective member is well on his way to becoming a full member of it.

Simon successfully feminzed Rupert who is now known as Daphne.  He has gone onto successfully feminize over 50+ males both young and old.

I a interesting in hearing more about the group. Daphne (Formerly Rupert) makes a good example of what can be achieved.
Yes Daphne does represent what can be achieved.
Daphne is clearly very content in that photo and no doubt has a bright future ahead.
(12-17-2020, 06:43 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: Daphne is clearly very content in that photo and no doubt has a bright future ahead.

She is, thanks to Leslie Taylor who feminized Rupert into Daphne.

See here.

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