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Silent Day
This is purely a work of fiction written to make you squirm.

1. Morning

Beeping woke me up early. I went to the bathroom, quickly showered, brushed my teeth and did my other business. I wouldn’t get another chance today. I then picked up the ballgag and secured it in my mouth.

Today is the silent day.

It takes a man to spend 60% of the time talking to feel like he talked equally to a woman. Thus it has been decided that every 10th day I would spend silent, to make sure I don’t get into such a habit of thought.

I put on my maid dress and apron, with thigh high stockings. No panties. As required.

I then went to the kitchen and made my mother a breakfast. She wrote an order on a post-it note in the kitchen. Then I took the breakfast to her room, and silently entered, setting the plate down on a table next to her bed. Then I went to the corner with my hands on my head and waited…

I could hear her waking up to the alarm, hitting snooze and returning to sleep another 15 minutes. On the second alarm she got up and ate breakfast by the sound of it. She seems to have spent some time lazing around and then she started preparing, dressing herself, and laying out stuff on the bed.

“Turn around, put your hands down.”

I turned around and I saw a towel spread across the bed. Powder, nappies and other stuff accessory. As I don’t get to speak, I don’t get to ask to go to the bathroom.

Knowing what to do I take off my apron and skirt and lie down. She puts the nappies on. They won’t get changed for a while.

“Get your clothes back on, I’ll make you your breakfast now.” she said and walked out.

I put on my clothes and followed her to the kitchen.

She just finished mixing a modern food replacement with water in a large beer mug. She liked to do it herself. That way I could not enhance the flavor in any way.

The food replacement also had the advantage of not creating any kind of solid residue for a long while so she would not have to clean out that kind of mess from a nappy. I was always fed exclusively this for at least four days before a silent day.

She put a straw in it, then she removed my gag.

“Remember to stay silent.”

I drank the tasteless muddy fluid through the straw. It had everything that was necessary in it. Taste was not necessary.

She then gave me a glass of water to wash it down. I did, and the gag was put back in place when I finished.

After that I had a list of chores to do. Mainly laundry and cleaning.

2. Maintenance

After several hours of work I was told to go and rest until 11AM, so I went and laid down on my bed on top of the bed sheets and started crying a bit in anticipation.

Maintenance spankings these days are scheduled on silent days, so I could not make any undue influence to get off with a lighter treatment. Even my verbal acceptance of the treatment would sometimes warm my mother’s heart and get her to go easy. This is meant to be very strict.

I set the clock to ring 5 minutes before I have to show up. I cleaned off my drool and tars, and peed in the nappy to get that particular part over with.

I went to her room, and first she took of my nappy and cleaned me.
Next came a glass of water I was to take, my ballgag was removed for me to drink with a reminder to stay silent.

Then she ordered me to assume the position of kneeling on the bed.

The rules were simple, I was to maintain the position and receive a strapping, if I drop down on the bed, I would stay there and receive extras on the thighs and then get back up in position to continue. I wouldn’t know in advance how many strokes with the strap I would receive, but it was usually between 50 and 80.

It tended to be closer to 80 these days.

“I guess there’s no point in asking you if you’re ready.” Strokes started arriving in a steady rhythm. Even after a few there was an intense pain, so I started with my muffled screams.

After every ten strokes, she would stop and softly (well, painfully) massage my bottom, looking for the optimal target for the next series. She would do this until I stopped shivering.

I first fell down at 29 strokes. “Well …you get 20 extras as usual, stay down.” She moved back as I was trying to compose myself. “Here they come.”

She started landing heavy blows on the back of my tights. One, two, three, four…my legs would occasionally lift, but she’d move them back down if they were in the way. Pain was heavy. …nine, ten. It was the price for not holding position properly. And it was over, for now…

I fell down thrice more. She went for the full 80 to the bottom.

Afterwards, I calmed my tears, she cleaned my face and put me in a nappy again, gave me another glass of water. With that I was sent to the corner with the hands on my head.

The nappy trapped the heat and made my bottom burn harder. I had to stand there for half an hour.

“On your tiptoes.” order came, with a still while to go.

Naturally, it made it less comfortable to keep position (not that it was comfortable), but I kept it.

Next came the part I really dread.

After I was done with the corner time, she attached two bondage cuffs and attached them together behind my back. I sat down painfully on the edge of the bed, where she hold my shoulder with her off hand. With her main hand she wielded her strap and applied it to my forward thighs.

With the extras on the thighs, half were always on the front thighs. Finding painless positions to sleep in was a privilege earned by not breaking position. I have not earned it. I cried.

40 strokes on the front thighs were hard and extremely painful. I peed myself in the nappy at the beginning.

When the punishment was done, she waited until I composed myself a little, cleaned my face and sent me to the corner. The nappy would stay on until the next time to change it in the afternoon.
Enough to make one squirm even in full volume; in silence it can only take a whole new level of dedication to withstand.
Intriguing story Zizy, very strong or well trained to be able to complete that day in silence.
Mother Knows Best. While 40 strokes on the front of the thighs is no doubt extremely painful, it is for the best. It helps teach obedience, discipline, submissiveness. Mother knows Best.
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
Thanks for the feedback. Glad you're liking it.

The story is not over yet. I still have one more part planned to write that I didn't have much more than a vague notion of when I published the parts so far.

Another is a possibility that I'm still just toying with (bedtime). I'm open to suggestions on that one, as I'm not sure I have an idea of suitable intensity.
3. Letter

First of all I would like to thank You for the attention given to my needs. It was hard but I’m glad of the opportunity to get through this and prove to myself that I can handle it. That iI can endure.

The stp strapping was hard, harder now that You don’t let me speak, but it really makes me happy to endure it for You without distracting You.

Regardi All in all, I I am really thankfull. My bottom and legs are pretty achey, and I’ll probably feel it more in the coming days.

As for my level of excitement it has gone back up slightly and made my balls a bit a more achey, stopping short of full ache.

This discipline helps me be a better sissymaid for You, and ha and hopefully a better person.

Thank You and with love, Yours.

Good communication is always important.

I wrote this with pen and paper, and then transcribed it with all of the mistakes, in order to capture a realistic feel of a sissy writing a letter about the experience while distracted with an achy bottom.

Hope you all like it.
It’s a lovely letter. Very important too that the sissy chooses just the right words to sound both grateful and meek, all at the same time.  Big Grin
I like the letter and great way to post it with the mistakes.
4. Bedtime

I brought everything needed to change my nappy into my bedroom while she was in the kitchen and laid it all out for her, prepared my nightgown and went into the corner to wait.

She came in and put something down on a table. There was a pause before she said anything.

“Turn around and strip down.”

I turned around, spotting that she brought in a small ceramic bowl covered with my letter. I think I know what it is, so I shiver momentarily before undressing.

After I undressed, I was ordered on the bed for the wet nappy change.

“It’s good that you don’t have to ask or suddenly go away to the bathroom like this, isn’t it?”

I nodded in response.

“Well then…” she took the nappy off and cleaned me up.

“Now, according to your letter…” she picked up the letter “…you wrote ’My level of excitement has gone back up slightly and made my balls a bit more achy, stopping short of full ache.’ and I know how much you actually enjoy being fully excited in this way. So, I have a reward for a day well done.”

She picked up a ginger root that she shaped like a butt plug from the bowl. “This will make your whole bottom part painful.”

Indeed, it would, a ginger root causes plenty of pain when inserted into the anus, it’s also an aphrodisiac, which would excite me without relief under the nappies. Definitely setting up for a full course of pain.

I nod, and she inserts the root into my anus, powdering me up and putting on my nappies. As she’s finished I’m starting to feel it and whimper slightly.

“OK, now put on your nightgown and go to bed. You can remove your gag after the ginger root stops working.”

I nod in affirmation and quickly put on my nightgown.

I get into bed, and for half an hour, I squirm in pain from the burning root. Excitement builds, without the possibility of release. Pain from the spanking is also not something I can ignore, as my thighs hurt all over, my bottom still hurts under the nappies. So I cry, whimper and squirm under my blanket.

After a while my anus stopped burning and I started to compose myself, still crying. Between the blueballs, and the aftereffects of the spanking, I had a lot of pain to experience.

I took out my ballgag finally, after I could stop making much noise.

It was pretty hard, twisting, turning, not being able to find a painless position. It took a while until I calmed down and just accepted the pain and finally went to sleep.

I slept blissfully well and woke up with a smile.
What an experience that must have been; you must have experienced similar previously to be able to sleep under those conditions? 

A good job you did really as you’ll need your wits about you to avoid another silent day.  Wink

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