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Trapped in Fashion Lane
A spin-off story from a part time job at a women’s athletic store. A sissy is lured into fashion lane where no man has been before and he quickly finds himself trapped! What stores will he find himself trapped at? It will be a lot! After all there is no escape from Fashion Lane!
I’m excited for this already; do tell us more.  Big Grin

“Are the reports true?” “Yes they are! The new kid that just moved here is a sissy! Our readings have been off the charts lately.” “You know what you need to do. All sissies have to reside on Fashion Lane with us.” “Well he’s under age!” “Just barely he’s seventeen. Let me take care of all the legal issues and you take care of the sissy. You will have too lure him here. All the girls on Fashion Lane will have too help. If he truly is a sissy he won’t be able to resist.” “We will try our best!” “You better! After all if you want to be promoted I trust that you make a good solid effort.”

That was the conversation that too women were having on Fashion Lane while Nick and his mother just moved too town. They were both hoping too get a fresh start here but we will get to all that. Fashion Lane is a women’s clothing street that also had women only residential houses. Fashion Lane was located in the town of Bloomington and it had nine places of business located on it. There was a Leggings and Boots Boutique, Princess Bridal. Princess Prom, Princess Ballerina, Princess Lingerie, Princess Fashion, Curved Athletics, Girly Girl Salon, and Girly Girl Nails. Only women were allowed here and sissies as well. Real men were not welcome.
You’ve described the perfect street Smile
A fabulous street, indeed. I wonder if our new resident will prove to be as enthusiastic.  Wink
Chapter 1
I stood across the street from Fashion Lane like I did everyday after me and my mother moved here. I had just turned eighteen and had finished high school and then my mother had told me that I could move with her or make it through the world in my own way. I decided to move with her as I knew that I wasn’t ready for that. I always had such a fascination with women’s clothing and just anything feminine which is why I always stood across the street and watched and look at all the girls on fashion lane. I looked at how girly they were and how much fun they were having but I also looked at their clothes, and wondered what it would be like too wear it all. I also looked at their hair, makeup, and nails and absorbed how girly they were. I always wondered if they noticed me as I stood across the street with my binoculars and drooled over them all. One day that started off like any other soon became very different then all the others days. I was spying on Fashion Lane like always when a women appeared across the street and looked directly at me.

She had on a burgundy skirt and a black and white blouse as well as a small leopard hand bag that slung Bentley over her shoulders. She also had on a leopard belt and tan high heels on. Her hair make up and nails also matched her outfit perfectly. She began to wave at me and then she signaled me with a come here motion. What did she want? Should I go over? I would love to see a close up of her outfit. Stupidly I left my hiding spot and walked across the street to meet the mysterious girl. She continued too wave me over and I was eventually standing right in front of her. “Hi there! We’ve been noticing you standing over there watching us for weeks now. I’d like too ask you a few questions. Like are you staring at us because you love our outfits and how girlishly feminine we are?” She hit the nail right on the head as my penis expanded ever so slightly. I gulped! Yes I said. She giggled! “That’s great news! We would like to invite you to come inside Fashion Lane. I’m sure you heard that boy aren’t allowed on the inside but sometimes we like to make exceptions. So, tell me would you like to come inside?” I looked at her outfit once again. “I can assure you that there are prettier outfits than this inside Fashion Lane. So please come on inside.” Yes I said meekly and I followed her into Fashion Lane!

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Lovely and the attached picture is a very alluring outfit
And thus his journey begins  Big Grin it sounds as though he is about to have a whale of a time - but there must be a catch... surely  Wink
Chapter 2
I followed the mysterious girl into Fashion Lane having no idea of what too expect. Although I knew that I couldn’t let her offer pass, and she was very alluring. We eventually go through the alley way and it was like we walked through a pink cloud as we entered Fashion Lane. It was spectacular! It had a very old brick street and it had all these amazing clothing store as well as residential houses lining up for miles at the end of the street. The women were all beautiful and wore amazing outfits and all of which were very alluring. “Well this is it welcome to Fashion Lane.” I stood there with the mysterious women as more cane towards us and I admired all of there outfits. All of them were pretty and tall just like the mysterious women that had led me in. “Welcome too Fashion Lane Nick, we’ve been expecting you.” You have? “Of course we have! We noticed you standing out there watching us since you arrived into town.”

Are you serious? “Of course you couldn’t have simply thought that we wouldn’t have looked into who you are. A strange boy spying on us all. We eventually found out that you’re a sissy boy, which is why you have been spying on us is it not?” I was shocked that they had acquired all that information. How do you know all that? “Does that really matter at this point? The fact of the matter is that we know. You’re a sissy? Are you not?” Should I admit it? I knew that I was! It was all so amazing Fashion lane was! All the girls were pretty and there outfits and appearances were all very alluring and I was very hard. Yes I’m a sissy I admitted. “Perfect! It’s obviously needs to be admitted by you of course! Now we can get started!” Get started?
One can only imagine what they might have in store. On the face of it, there should be sissy paradise awaiting him, but of course being a sissy often comes with many responsibilities as well as pleasures so I hope he has geared himself up for that possibility  Big Grin

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