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Trapped in Fashion Lane
Wow these already seem very powerful women and he’s admitted early he’s a sissy so he’ll be putty in their hands.
Chapter 3

“Well you’re becoming Fashion Lanes newest sissy of course! What did you think I meant? We have too get you dressed and all made up of course! Your hair is a mess too!” I can’t become your sissy! I have a life! What will my mom think? “Oh don’t worry about all that! We will take care of it all!” I was startled now! No I don’t want to be Fashion Lanes sissy. I ran frantically too the alley way that I entered in. Too my dismay it was completely sealed! “I wouldn’t even bother!” A voice said from behind me as I heard the clamber of heels as well. “Once you’re inside Fashion Lane you can’t leave! That’s why we always advise boys not too enter because only girls can come and go as we please.” Please let me go! I don’t want to be your sissy! “Oh but you don’t have a choice now. We aren’t letting you go! It’s been so long since we have had a sissy in Fashion Lane!”

Once again I tried to push through the brick wall but too no avail. “Keep trying all you want but I’m afraid you won’t succeed. It’s time to worship our dresses and skirts! Now turn around a come kneel at our heels.” I did turn around and there must have been two hundred women all waiting for me. All of them were pretty and dressed pretty as well. I walked towards the group slowly. “That’s it! Come forward!” I walked even closer too them. It was like their femininity was drawing me in and I couldn’t stop walking towards them. “Good now kneel at our pretty painted toes and pretty heels, and admit to bring our sissy.” I got spawn on me knees in front of them all as I couldn’t stop now. I’m your sissy I said I’m Fashion Lanes newest sissy!
Now Nick, doesn’t that feel much better.
It may feel like a curse now but all too soon Nick will come to learn how privileged he is to have the complete freedom (albeit with no alternative) to wear all the skirts and dresses that he could ever want.  Big Grin

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