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A Part Time At The Women’s Athletic Store
Chapter 25
Mom we need to get a second opinion about this. This contract can’t really be that air tight. “Well I don’t know Nick. Claire didn’t you say Jen graduated from Harvard?” “I didn’t but yes she did. I don’t think getting a second opinion would really do much to help.” “Maybe you’re right Claire.” No she’s not! Mom are you really just going to let this store turn me into a girl. “I’m not letting them do anything. You signed the contract that stated all this stuff and you didn’t read it.” “I have too agree with mom. You did this to yourself and spending money on a second lawyers opinion that would most likely tell us the same thing really won’t do anything to help you. I’m sorry but you’ll have to become a girl and continue to work at the shop.” “Claire’s right! We can’t do anything about this now. Claire you have my permission to help your new little sister in any possible way!”
Nicely deflected there; I’m sure Claire has some great ideas she just cannot wait to employ.  Wink
Wow! Looking forward to reading what Claire is going to with the new power
Chapter 26
Mom you can’t be serious about any of this. “Sadly I am. I suppose this will be a life long lesson for you to always read things before you sign them. Now I’m going to bed I have a long day at work tomorrow and so do you. Also I think I should be calling you Nicole now!” My mother then got up and left the kitchen table leaving me alone with Claire. “Well I guess you’re Nicole now. My new little sister.” Claire please! Please help me get out of this. “I don’t know how you expect me too do anything about this. You heard Jen the contract is air tight!” Claire you could help me find a different lawyer to get a second opinion on this! “You heard mom we don’t have the money for that.” What if I give you my first few pay checks too pay you back? “Ha! You’ll be a complete girl by then! It would be useless!” Not if we find the lawyer now and they tell us something different. Then once I get my next job I’ll pay you back. “Fine I’ll start looking in the morning! Now it’s time for bed!”

I didn’t argue with my sister and I went up to my bedroom and the first thing I did was look in the mirror. I stood in front of it still in the leggings and sports bra that I was in and my penis began too stretch outward again. Why am I getting turned on my being humiliated like this? I decided to lightly brush my penis like Claire accidentally did earlier. Slowly but surely I began to rub ever so slowly! I thought of the mess I had gotten myself into. I can’t believe that I was going to be turned into a girl. I started too stroke faster but before I could get close too finishing I felt very guilty and stopped completely. I shouldn’t be doing this is I thought to myself. So I stopped and went to bed!
Nick there’s no mess, you stopped rubbing Wink Big Grin
There’s clearly a not insignificant part of Nick’s psyche that is onboard with the idea of becoming Nicole. He just needs a different perspective. Rather than trying to fight the inevitable, he needs to accept what is inevitable and embrace the positives. 

After all, the life changes he is about to discover are shared (and enjoyed) by a significant proportion of the world’s population so there is really no reason for him to be fearful.
Chapter 27
I woke up the next day very upset. Today was make over day and a work day and it was another day on the journey too being a girl. Did they expect me too go to work dressed in leggings and a sports bra? The pink set the got my I had worn yesterday. Should I wear something else? I decided to go ask Claire what she thought. Claire what should I wear today? They only gave me that one outfit. “Wait what? Only one outfit? I thought your closet would have been full of that stuff now. Well you can borrow something of mine I suppose. Go on pick something out.” Most of the leggings and sports bras that Claire had were very colorful but I eventually found an all black set. The leggings had the trinity pocket on the top of the waist band. I figured that this set was the lesser of all the evils and I grabbed it from her closet. “All black i see. Well go on put it on, and here take a pair of my panties!” Claire handed me a pair of black satin panties. I looked at them and frowned. Don’t you have a cotton pair? “Nonsense girls your age don’t wear cotton panties! Now put them on and get dressed or you will be late for work.” I quickly put on the panties and got dressed and went too grab my wallet and phone. “Oh no you have a pocket in the back! What do you think it’s there for?” I shrugged as Claire took my phone and some cards from my wallet and put them all in the back pocket. For some reason it made me feel that much more feminine.

We went down to the kitchen where my mom was just about to leave for the day. “Wow look at you Nicole! I’m surprised!” Mom don’t call me Nicole my name is Nick! “Well it won’t be for much longer sadly. You might as well just embrace it all!” “That’s a good idea mom! In fact why don’t we re do Nicole’s room and make it more appropriate for a girl her age!” “That’s not a bad idea Claire I’ll look into it!” Claire come on! Your supposed to be helping me get out of this. Not making it worse! “Nicole I did try to help you with the mess you got yourself into and I failed so it’s not my problem anymore. Now we have to go!”

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The leggings little back pocket is amazing. I love the smart way Claire and Mom are helping a slightly reluctant Nicole.
Nicole will find her feet soon enough. It is quite understandable that she would feel a little apprehensive departing so starkly from everything she has known for so long but deep down she has far more to offer as Nicole than he ever did as Nick and she will ultimately come to realise this.

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