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A Part Time At The Women’s Athletic Store
Chapter 20
I rushed home too show Claire this contract because it simply couldn’t be true! Claire look! Look what Curved Athletics is try to do me! “Wow look what they have already done too you! Nice sports bra and leggings! Plus the naval piercing!” Claire they are forcing all of this on me! It’s all in the contract and I can’t do anything about that. “There is now way that that’s in the contract!” Here look at it! I held out the contract for Claire too take which she did. After a few minutes Claire began too look utterly shocked! “Omg they absolutely can do this to you! This contract is crazy!” See? I told you! What can I do? “I don’t think that you can do anything about it! I fear that you have no choice but too comply. You’ll hVe to become whatever girl that they want you to be.” Claire I can’t become a girl! I don’t want to be one! “Of course you don’t but you don’t have a choice. You’ll have to show this too mom tonight too. She has too know that you’re becoming a girl, and look at that her car just pulled in.”

Claire I can’t show mom this! “Well you have too! I can’t!” Claire please do it with me! “Fine if you really want me too then I will. Give me the contract and I’ll show mom. Go to your room and wait!” I did as Claire asked as I went to my room and Claire went downstairs.
I think the sun might be about to set on his old life. Whatever his mother may be, it is unlikely she is a master lawyer capable of tearing this contract apart. Whatever she may think of the situation, the only question that remains is how she proposes to induct her new daughter  Big Grin
Obviously, it’s mind boggling for Nick, Claire and Mom, though I’m not a lawyer, the contract seems pretty solid to me. Looking forward to reading more.
So good
Chapter 21
Claire’s POV

“Mom you’re home! How was was work?” “Busy! How was your day?” “Well my day was fine but Nick got himself into a bit of a jam at work.” “A jam? He just started working their! What happened?” “Well it’s nothing that he did per say but I guess it sort of is his fault. It involves his contract at Curved Athletics. He’s in some deep shit!” “His contract what could be so bad about it? It’s a clothing store where he works for minimum wage.” “I think you should read it.” I took the contract and handed it to my mother and watched her eyes get bigger and bigger as she read. I needed to gage her reaction and see how I could play it into my favor. “This can’t be real! They can’t make him become a girl!” “Well I think that they can mom! The contract seems so air tight to me.” “That’s what scares me. How does Nick feel about all this? I’m assuming he’s scared?” “Of course he’s scared mom! He couldn’t tell you about it that’s why he asked me too! He doesn’t want to be a girl! As you can imagine. He’s terrified!” “I should go and talk to him!” “That’s a good idea mom. If you would like I could contact my old friend Jen from college. She’s a lawyer now maybe she could get Nick out of the contract!” “That’s a great idea you should call her now.” My mom then went upstairs too talk to Nick and got on the phone too call Jen. This was perfect! I could easily take control of this situation!”

Chapter 22
Moms POV
I had too go about this delicately. I know for a fact that their was no way that Curved Athletics could turn my son into a girl but I needed to wait for clarity from Claire’s lawyer friend. Knock knock as I lightly tapped on my sons bedroom door. “Come in.” Hi Nick I just got done talking with Claire and I know everything now. “Mom they can’t really turn me into a girl can they?” I’m sure they can’t! Claire is talking to her old friend Jen who is a lawyer now. She will find away too get you out of this. “What if she doesn’t though? What if Curved Athletics gets too turn me into a girl?” They won’t be able too I promise you, but if for whatever reason they can then I will support you no matter what. On the positive side you would make a pretty girl. You have my genetics and your pretty petite! Your body looks really good in this leggings and sports bra, and guess what I love that naval piercing! It’s so pretty! “Mom I don’t want to be pretty!” I understand that but if you have to be a girl then it’s better to be a pretty one! Now I’m going to go see if Claire was able too reach Jen. I’ll be back!
If the contract is declared void it’ll be such an anticlimax    Wink 

I think we all know though that Jen is about to cement what deep down Nick already knows to be true. The only question is how he deals with it.
Chapter 23
Claire’s POV

As soon as my mother was out of hearing range I called up Jen too see if she was able too look at the contract I emailed her earlier today. Planning was key too everything I learned early in life. Jen? It’s Claire did you get a chance too read the contract my brother is stuck in? “Oh I got too read it and I must say that it’s such a joke! None of this is actually possible! I’d advise your brother too just call up and quit tomorrow?” Although I knew that the contract was a joke I so wanted it to be real, but what if my mom and brother just thought that it was real as the light bulb went off above my head. All I have too do is convince Jen too tell my mom and brother that it’s real. What if I want it to be real Jen? “What do you mean? It’s not! You can’t just make a fake contract real.” True but you can just say that it’s real. “Well I suppose that is true but you can apply that logic too just about everything!” Would you be willing too do that for me? “Why would I do that and why would you want to do that?” Well because I want my brother to be a girl! So, I was wondering if you would do me a favor. “Wait! You want him to be a girl? Why would you want that?” Well I never would have thought of this a few weeks ago but it feels so amazing to turn a boy into a girl. Have you ever done that? “You know that I haven’t! That’s not really a priority to do in my life, but what’s in it for me?” Well Jen once my brother is a girl I would be happy to lend her out too you for whatever reason you could think of. “Lend him out too me? Well now that you say it. I’m getting married soon as you know and we could use another bridesmaid.” Then tell my brother and mother that there is no escape from the contract and I promise you that she will be the girliest and prissiest bridesmaid possible. “Deal! I’ll call you in twenty minutes or so for a conference call with all three of you!”

Chapter 24

“Mom, Nick! Come downstairs Jens looking over the contract and is going too call us all in about twenty minutes.” “That fast? I thought it would take a few days for that too happen.” “Well it’s not really a long contract mom. It’s like a paragraph!” “I guess that’s true. Come on Nick let’s go!” I listened too my mother and followed her downstairs. I was getting used too wearing leggings and a sports bra only and I had too admit I did feel really free. I tried not too think of thoughts like that as it lead to my penis expanding into the leggings. I don’t why I enjoyed that but I knew I wasn’t supposed too. What boy would enjoy this? We all walked into the Kitchen as my sister hand accidentally brushed against my crotch which I enjoyed greatly. It felt like pure electricity as it happened. What would happen if she did it again! What would happen if I did it? That might be worth exploring later tonight. I was snapped out of my thoughts as the phone rang and Claire picked up and put it on speaker.

“Hello? Claire?” “Yup I’m hear as well as my mom and brother.” “Well I hate too say it but you should start calling him your sister! There is no way to escape this contract! It’s air tight!” My heart dropped as I listened too what Jen was saying. “Jen you can’t be serious? Who would put this in a contract?” “Obviously Curved Athletics would. It doesn’t seem like there is any escape. They simply just really want to turn Nick into a girl, and by signing the contract he agreed too it!” Why would they want too turn me into a girl? “I’m not really sure. That’s a question for them but regardless they will succeed! You can’t even quit the store and if you do they could bring you up on charges. Multiple charges actually. It could lead to many years in prison for you. Now if that’s something you would prefer then I would say quit but I would imagine that you would just become someone’s girl in prison. You might as well just become Curved Athletics girl. At least you’ll be paid. No matter how minuscule the money that you will be making is.” “Jen I thought the contract said Nick would be making minimum wage? “Yes it does say that but there is also very very fine print that states they could lower his pay to as low as one dollar and hour.” “They wouldn’t do that. Would they?” “Maybe it’s in there right to do so! He signed the contract! Now I have too go! I have a big court date tomorrow! Good Luck!”
What a sneakster Claire is, though she’ll have a job on to ensure that her mother doesn’t try to seek a second opinion. As for Nick, he is no doubt in something of a frenzy at this very moment but I am quite sure there will come a day, long after he has shaken off the perceived stigma, when he looks back on this moment as the start of his true life.
Am amazed at the outcome from Jen but thrilled at nicks fate.

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