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A Part Time At The Women’s Athletic Store
Chapter 17

I was pushed across the street in the direction of the piercing store. I was nervous and felt like everyone was staring at me. The boy in leggings and a sports bra and now in line to get a naval piercing. “Hello welcome to piercings and things! What can we do for you today?” “Hi our new employee Nick here is in need of a naval piercing. The company piercing that we all have.” “Wait. Wait. Wait. Are you a boy?” Yes I said. “You're a boy and you work at Curved Athletics and you wear leggings and sports bras and you want a naval piercing?” Yes it’s company policy. “Wow I’ve now seen everything. Okay go too the chair in the back and lay down.” I felt embarrassed as every worker looked at me and giggled. Madison followed me to the back. “So this is it. You’re one of us now. Well more so after tomorrow. We’re gonna make you girly!” I don’t want to be one of you! “Then quit! Oh wait you can’t because you owe mommy rent!” Madison please! Talk Miss Braxton out of this! “Ha! You think I have that kind of pull. Well I don’t! Now shut up! It’s time!”

Click click! It felt really sharp and sort of sounded like a gun went off! “You’re all set but you can’t take it for at least thirty days. Keep it clean and have fun at work!” I felt so stupid as I stood up and looked in the mirror and saw my belly button pierced as it glimmered in the mirror. “Come one lets her back! Miss Braxton will want to inspect you before you get sent home for the day! We walked back across the street and now I felt that even more people were staring at me!
I like how he thinks this all started with Miss Braxton. With Claire having spoken to the girls in the first place it is already clear that they have copious amounts of their own enthusiasm - as for the promises to make him girly, he’s in for a treat.  Wink
Wow, Miss Braxton is a tough cookie, I like her policies and the girls enthusiasm, we are all in for a great treat not only Nick.
Chapter 18
Ashley’s POV

That was such a great acting Jessica, or should I call you Miss Braxton! “Thank you so much Ashley, and I can’t believe that he believes all this is In the contract.” Oh I know but what do you say we actually add it in too the contract, but let’s go a bit further. “What you mean further?” Let’s put in that he actually has to become a girl. He would believe it too. We could even print it out for him when he comes back. “Omg you’re so devious!” Get Miss Braxton ready! “Oh she was born ready!”
True to form, twists and turns are only adding to the excitement, I am loving it.
Chapter 19
“An improvement but not at all close to perfection. Oh you need a lot of work done! Madison did you book the appointments?” “Yes Miss Braxton hair, makeup, and nails are all booked for tomorrow.” “Perfect! What about the doctors appointments?” “We couldn’t get him in until next week” Doctors appointments? “Of course we are beginning the journey of turning you into a girl.” What? I don’t want to be a girl! I can’t be a girl! “You signed a contract and it’s too late now!” I want too see the contract! This can’t actually be in it! “Want too bet? Here!” Miss Braxton handed over the contract. The contract read:

By taking this job and signing this contract I hereby give Curved Athletics the right to turn me and mold me into the girl they want me to be. I give them the right too completely transform me. I give them the right too book all and any medical procedures and surgeries too make the transformation possible. In addition I must abide by all the stores requirements; which are hair and make up as well as nails always must be done. I must always be in Curved Athletics attire regardless of season. My penis must be surgically reduced too no more the two centimeters in length. Which of course would make me completely non threatening and will keep me submissive towards any women that come in or work at Curved Athletics. I must either take hormones or have surgery to grow size B cup breast or bigger. This contract is a lifetime contract and there is no escape. You will remain at whatever the minimum wage in your state is. Congratulations on being turned into the girl that Curved Athletics wants you to be.

No this can’t be real! “Of course it’s real! In fact take it to a lawyer and they will confirm your faith! Now we will see you here tomorrow bright and early!”
Nick seems to have found himself in a bit of a hole here  Wink I sense he has quite the journey ahead of him.
Please continue this
What has happened to this story. It was great but seems to be forgotten about.
It will be finished I promise

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