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A Part Time At The Women’s Athletic Store
Chapter 13
Claire’s POV

Fashion Lane was quite busy today just as it always was. I took a deep breath and walked inside Curved Athletics. “Hello welcome to Curved Athletics how can we help you?” These were my brothers co workers? They were both drop dead gorgeous. Their work attire consisted of leggings and a sports bra. God my brother must be In heaven here. I must go about this carefully. Well I heard you hired a young man too work here. Where is he? “He’s off today, but can I ask why you’re interested in him?” Well I was just wondering if you made me dress appropriately. “Define appropriately.” I shouldn’t have to define it, but if I must then he should be wearing leggings and sports bras just like you girls. “Why do you think this?” Well I’m just thinking it would bring a lot more business too your store. Girls come in and they see him dresses like that. They will laugh at him and of course but more clothes. I was excited as I made my pitch to the girls. I was starting to get very very wet downstairs. “You think that would work?” Of course! I mean I came in asking about it didn’t I? Maybe if he was here dressed like that then I would have bought some clothing. “I just don’t know how we could make him do this.” Let me ask you. Did he sign a contract too work here? “Of course we all do.” Then just tell him it’s in the papers. He’s probably not smart enough to ask too see them. Anyway have a good day!
Devious but lovely
The start of a beautiful relationship I’m sure; Claire’ll be a daily visitor before Nick has even realised what is happening.  Big Grin
Chapter 14

“You should consider wearing those leggings to work.” Claire I’m not going to wear them too work. That would be way to weird. I probably won’t even wear them again. I just did that yesterday too see how they feel so I could get a better grasp about it. “If you say so, but I for one think the opposite. Now come on I’ll drive you too work.” You’re going to work like that? As Claire stood before me in pink leggings and a matching pink sports bra. “No I took the week off. I need a break.” I followed and stared at Claire as we walked to her car. At first I was staring at her body but then I was staring at her clothes. After we had been driving in the car for a short amount of time my sister decided to add fuel to the fire. “I feel so free in my clothes. My legs feel so smooth and great. I’m just swishing and sliding. My phone is In my pocket above my waist. I feel so free!” She looked free I thought.

Fashion lane was as busy as always. I walked into Curved Athletics not knowing what to expect today. “So you’re back for more?” Of course! I never quit! “That’s good to hear because we are getting a visit today from the store owner, and it’s a store requirement too wear leggings and a sports bra. We just don’t enforce it unless she is here. So pick out an outfit and get changed!” My heart dropped! What should I do?
A fun surprise. The gauntlet has been thrown down, Nick needs the only job he could get, a big conundrum, I think I know what the answer is. I’m excited to find out.
Chapter 15

You can’t be serious. “I’m very serious and so is the owner. It’s all in the contract you signed. So, it’s either you wear what I tell you or you quite!” I can’t quit! I have to pay my mother rent this week! “Then go change!” What kind should I pick out? Madison rolled her eyes. “I’ll pick it out for you but once I do that will be your choice! You can’t waste any more of my time or the stores.” Madison walked right up too the outfit she wanted which was hot pink leggings and sports bra. No pick something else! “This is what you wanted and this is what I choose.” I sighed and resigned myself! I couldn’t lose this job. I took the clothing from her and went too change. Wait Madison I don’t have panties. “Oh well looks like you’ll have to commando.” This was going to be embarrassing I thought to myself. I went to the back room and changed into the leggings and sports bra, and the freedom hit me again. So did the excitement.  

“Looks like pink is your color.” I spun around quickly too see Ashley behind me. “Going commando?” I don’t have panties. “Well you’ll have to buy your own eventually. Until then we get too see you all excited.” I turned bright red. I felt so humiliated. You better go too the front Miss Braxton is on her way, and she is a very grumpy women!” I walked sullenly too the front and I got more and more excited with each step.

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They’ve clearly taken Claire’s advice on board, then. Quite what the Miss Braxto will actually think of his attire (and by association Nick himself) is something else entirely, however.  Wink  If it hasn’t been discussed with her, she could be in for quite the surprise.
Unfortunate but lovely Nick Smile no panties again, tut, tut. Fun chapter.
I think Miss Braxton will be both pleased for the outfit and vexed for his commando appearance.
Chapter 16

“Is this our new worker?” Miss Braxton was an attractive women in what seemed to be in her late twenties. She looked me up and down an studied me. Yes I’m your new worker. “Silence! You will speak when spoken too! Madison is this the new worker?” “Yes Miss Braxton this is Nick.” “Interesting a boy who wears and wants to sell women’s athletic clothes. Although you don’t looked bad in them. You actually have a girls body as well. Wait! Where are your panties? I can see that tiny bulge!” I don’t have any Miss Braxton. “Well the buy some! How many of these outfits do you have?” None I borrowed this from the store. “That won’t do you’ll have to buy some and we will take out of your check! Wait! I just noticed! Where is your naval piercing?” My what? “Your naval piercing! You must have one to go with your uniform!” No one told me about that Miss Braxton and I don’t want one! “ Well you have to one too work here! It’s in the contract!” I was panicking my mom wouldn’t see this! “It’s either the piercing or you quit!” Please Miss Braxton I can’t lose this job! “Then get the piercing! Madison book the appointment! Now say yes Miss Braxton!” Yes Miss Braxton I said defeated. “Perfect! Now tomorrow I want you both too take her to the salon across the street. You need a make over!”
Miss Braxton certainly doesn’t sound as though she’s prepared to suffer fools - and she’s already added to the regime after only a couple of minutes.

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