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A Part Time At The Women’s Athletic Store
They’re feeling him in like a fish on the end of a line. They are going through the motions getting him used to the clothing - it is surely only a matter of time before he finds himself wearing it.
I must admit if I were Nick I’d have chosen the white pastel colours. Madison and Ashley are both great at setting him to rights and Claire is correct that Nick needs to know how they are to wear.
Chapter 9

“Yeah they don’t fit, but thanks anyway Nick.” I stood in my sisters room as she told me that and she put on the exact same pair but in black. She had on a black sports bra as well. I never noticed it before but my sister was very attractive but I knew that I shouldn’t think stuff like that. It wasn’t right! Well what am I supposed to do with them now? “Whatever you want. Mom doesn’t wear stuff like that, but I think the logical thing to do is for you too wear them.” Claire I don’t need to wear them! “Do you want to keep your job at Curved Athletics? I’m just asking because at some point you might have to wear a pair for work. Which I’m sure would be embarrassing but it would be less so if you’ve worn them before, and what better way to do it then in front of your sister.” I picked up the white leggings and said I don’t know Claire. “Just do it! Stop being a baby!” Fine but only once.

I took off my pants and stood in my boxers. “Oh the leggings won’t be able to fit with those. Here take a pit of my panties. You can keep them.” Claire I’m not wearing panties! “Fine then go without!” I took off my boxers and held the leggings out in front of me. I was completely on aware that I was standing naked in front of my sister. “You might want to hurry up! You’ve exposed yourself to me.” Claire was right and I snapped myself out of it and stepped into the leggings. “I must say Nick you’re completely hairless. Do you shave?” No I just never grew any hair. “That’s strange! Go on hurry up.” The leggings slid gracefully up my legs and over my waist. They fell into place and I was shocked. They were very comfy and very flexible. It was almost like that my legs were sliding when I walked. The feeling went up my legs and eventually above my crotch which caused it too grow. “So how do you like them?” I hate them Claire I lied!
Chapter 10
Claire’s POV

I couldn’t believe how great my brother looked in them. I noticed that he too had the family bubble butt. You can’t tell me that you hate them. “Of course I do. What boy likes to wear girls clothing?” You would be surprised by the many that do! Don’t you love how they feel? So comfy and so flexible, but not just that. I love walking in them! Don’t you feel like you just slide? I knew that he was aroused and I could tell that my words were making it worse for him. I felt a spark inside me that I’ve never felt before. I liked making my brother wear the leggings and I loved embarrassing him! I wanted it to continue! Take a walk with me around the house! Moms not home, and we can continue to slide and swish. “Oh I don’t know Claire I should probably take them off before mom gets home. “Oh come on? Take a risk!” She knows you work at Curved Athletics. “Well that doesn’t mean I have too wear the clothes.” No buts it’s an excuse. “Come on follow me!
What a lovely and caring sister Nick has. He will no doubt get plenty more of this treatment at the store but hopefully will feel at least partially accustomed to it by then.  Big Grin
Claire is a wonderful big sister to her darling little brother. For modesty I hope Nick will wear panties the next time with his leggings, even though commando was nice too.
Chapter 11

What was I doing? As I followed Claire downstairs while wearing my leggings. Claire can I go change now mom could be home in a few minutes. “And? All you have too say is that you got the leggings from work and was told to wear them just too see how they feel. I highly doubt that she will care.” I began to get more and more aroused with the prospect of my mom coming home to find me wearing leggings in the kitchen. I wondered why though. I’ve never felt like this before. “Now hep me start dinner and then set the table.” I helped Claire start dinner and then I set the table. Before too long I saw my mothers car pull up into the driveway and I began too get nervous. Claire can I go change? Moms home. “Why are you asking me? I’m not in charge go change. Also I didn’t make you wear the leggings. That was your choice.” I pondered what Claire had just said. She was right she didn’t make me wear the leggings. She just persuaded me too. Why did I listen too her? I couldn’t answer the question.

I took the leggings and put my pants and boxers back on. I looked at the leggings that now sat on my bed. I didn’t want too admit it but I enjoyed wearing them. They made me feel free and they felt great when I walked which made me feel very excited. I couldn’t let anyone know that though. I had too keep that to myself. I did know that I wanted to explore more while wearing them. I also had a strange feeling of wanting Claire too make me wear them or pursuade me too like she did earlier.
I’m sure there will be plenty more persuasion to come from Claire so he really need not worry on that score.  Big Grin
Chapter 12
Claire’s POV

I enjoyed that very much so. For whatever reason I enjoyed the idea of making my little brother wear leggings with me. I couldn’t put my finger on why I did. Maybe I will start to force him to wear them. He would certainly offer some resistance, but I could find a way to break down such resistance. He had the day off tomorrow and maybe I’ll take a trip to Curved Athletics. I could always use a few more pairs of leggings and sports bras, and so could Nick.
Very enjoyable. Nick is a very shy boy. He needs Claire’s help allot Smile

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