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Yet Another Curtus
    How humiliating for this young man undergoing strict diaper discipline/petticoat punishment.
His Aunt plays a mean trick on him by taking away his waterproof pants.
"Why did y-you SOB! take off SOB! m-my wubba pannies, Auntie?!" He blubbers without control. "I c-can't SOB! wetting my d-d-diapers! SOB!"
And right in front of his younger cousins.
"Bobby! You are a naughty sissy!" Linda wags her finger at him.
Karen: "You must be the biggest baby in the world!"
Definitely an experience he won’t soon forget. One wonders what might be the lesson he takes away from this encounter.  Big Grin
Being made to wet your nappy until it leaks, whether you’ve been allowed baby knickers or not, is an exquisitely uncomfortable and humiliating experience.

I especially hated it if I had tights on, as the leak would slowly darken my tights as it spread down my legs.
Well, indeed. If there is anything worse than a wet nappy it is wearing wet clothes over the wet nappy. I encountered a similar thing with my night nappy punishments incidentally. 

Mother was in the habit of making me drink copious amounts of water prior to a night in nappies. This ensures not only that I wore them but that I had to use them on a number of occasions during the course of the night. 

On one particular occasion I was protesting against the need to wear a nappy to bed which surprisingly mother acquiesced to. As I was to realise though, I was still expected to drink the water. I realised that night that a wet nappy was much preferable to a wet bed.

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