Poll: Should boys sleep naked in Chastity Cages to prevent Nocturnal Emissions?
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New Babysitter
Mother needed me Babysat. ASAP. Called a new girl. 
 I waited, terrified. Naked & prone. Fanny high & wide. Titties squashed & splayed.

 She strode in, heels clicking. Strappy 5" stilettos. Large luscious shapely feet & toes. Black toenail polish.
 Eyes low, I sucked each toe, licked both feet.
 My penis rose, grew, erected, drooled. 7.6 hefty inches.
 My big bald ballsack tightened, engorged.

 She snickered. "Hands-Knees, Sissy".
 Inserted her huge middle finger fully UP my precious pooper, Marched me upstairs.
 I squealed.

 She gave me an Enema.
 And a merciless Spencer spanking.

 Kept me naked in Peep-Toes. Fanny purple & blistered. I'd never cried so much. Cum so often.
 Despite myself, I fell hopelessly in Love with Sandra.

You’re clearly well trained (as I would suggest had she been)  Wink
(12-03-2020, 06:47 AM)Girlygirl Wrote: You’re clearly well trained (as I would suggest had she been)  Wink
 Thanks for kudos.

 I attended an excellent Sissy Boarding School in Germany (Age of Consent: 14). Puberty (12) to physical maturity (17).

 We began dating distinguished well-hung Masters at ~15. 
 Boasting D-cup+ Titties, plump deeply-clefted Fannies, elegant feet & toes in pastel heel sandals.
 Braless & Commando nude under stylish sexy dresses.   

 We wore pink 5" strappies and smiles for Graduation. Individually climbed the stairs, minced across outdoor stage to podium, curtsied v low before receiving diploma.

 I met Sandra that summer.
 I'd never wiped my own fanny, Bathed or dressed myself, used bathrooms alone.
 Or, since puberty, lived one day w/o a few severe spankings.

   Sandra's bare booty ... 

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