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My Wedding - 2
I lived with Sandra's Mother before the wedding. For several weeks.
 Marie is a tall statuesque no-nonsense mature Domina.

 She often strapped me in my Sissy Stroller for walks in the park.
 I was perfectly naked, of course, sitting on a nubbed Dildoe.

 Sucking greedily from the nipple of a Baby Bottle filled with Hormone Supplements and her bodily fluids.
 Young girls came by to Kitchy-Coo me.

 They kissed and tickled my erect penis and bald scrotum.
 Pinched my prominent Teats.

¬† ¬†    
That sounds like lots of fun (for them)  Big Grin
(12-02-2020, 05:26 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: That sounds like lots of fun (for them)  Big Grin
 It certainly was/is.

 And I wasn't alone. 

 FLS girls love taking their Sissy daddies for Stroller rides.

 After doing my Morning Toilette (I was costive - again! - and needed a Sissy Suppository ... it's not easy to poop with a big young girl in strappies standing above you ... knowing that after she wipes your fat fanny, she'll take you across her lap for the obligatory Morning Spanking) Laura strapped me into a Stroller yesterday for a leisurely ride downtown.

 My daughter wanted me fitted for the NEW Whipping Harness. 

 I straddled Laura's left thigh, chubby bare toes dangling, in the crowded Waiting Room.

¬† ¬† ¬†    

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